Revenge's Nick Wechsler Talks about the Explosive Season Finale in an Exclusive Interview on AfterBuzz TV

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Revenge's Nick Wechsler made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Revenge aftershow Sunday night. In his appearance, Wechsler talks about the ABC series season finale.

Revenge's Nick Wechsler made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Revenge after show Sunday night. In his appearance, Wechsler talks about the explosive season finale.

Wechsler on Jack Being involved in the Deaths in Revenge:

When I first heard about [Declan's death], Mike Kelley told me after a table read...We knew that a death was coming, so I was like, “is it gonna be [Declan]?” I’m impressed that the audience doesn’t see it coming always. As someone who’s in on it, it always seems like [The viewers] are gonna know. They’re gonna, they HAVE to know! I feel like it must be obvious.”

Wechsler on Connor Paolo’s departure from the show:

“[Connor Paulo is gone] because he's the Black Angel of Death!” Wechsler jokes, “He’s now. You’re not, Connor. Actually, it breaks our hearts that he’s gone. He’s one of my great friends and it gives us this great episodic opportunity for drama. It is great cause for [Emily] to tell [Jack] the truth.”

Wechsler on Memorizing Lines and Only filming scenes at The Stowaway during Season One:

“The first season I was basically working on one set and it was just a revolving door of whoever was on the other side of the bar. They would basically shoot most of my scenes in a matter of two or three days, at The Stowaway. Which could actually be difficult sometimes. I have a hard time memorizing and to have to know all of my stuff for the entire episode in a few days was difficult but, I mean, it’s my job. I’m happy to do it. I just wanted to be able to give them the best work I could and I struggled with that. But this season was broken up a little bit more. I was excited for a couple reasons: I didn’t have to learn all of my dialogue and just cram it in to a couple of days. I also got to work with [more of the cast]. [In season one], I never got to work with Henry [Czerny]. He’s so good! And obviously, I only had one or two scenes with Victoria in season one.”

Wechsler on what does Jack hopes to find by shooting Conrad:

“[Killing Conrad] would have ruined [Jack's] life, but he was willing to do it. There was no way the [other characters] wouldn’t all turn and see [Jack]. He knew, “My life’s over. But I can’t let [Conrad] get away with it. [Jack] can’t live with that.”

Wechsler on what he wants for Jack's future:

“I’ve been rooting for it, for a long time, for the [writers] to take Jack down a dark road. I always thought that [Jack] can’t be that naïve for that long and still have the audience on his side... The more dynamic your character, the more fun. To the credit of Mike Kelley and the writers, even as I was like, 'Ugh, I wanna play something different!' I think it ended up being the right decision to wait as long as they did. Now I think [Jack] earns the audience. Now I think the audience is on his side... I think it’s kind of smart that they waited as long as they did, as frustrating as it can be, in that holding pattern.

Wechsler on the Finale:

“I really think [the finale] is one of our strongest episodes ever...One of my favorite moments is when Emily found out that Aiden killed Takeda. I just thought the way that played out, when she threw him to the ground, the way that was played was great.”

On how he got involved with Revenge:

“I had auditioned previously for Mike Kelley’s, for his last pilot. It was called “The Quintuplets” and it didn’t [get picked up]. Sam Witwer, who’s my best friend, who’s been [at AfterBuzz] before, we auditioned to play brothers on it. We screen tested, not together, but independent of one another. [The casting directors] didn’t know, going into the screen test, that we were best friends and they found out after. I got really close to getting one of the roles on that. I came in again and the casting people kept me in mind for other things. They brought me in for [Revenge]. I actually didn’t know it was a Mike Kelley thing until the callback. I saw his name on the sheet and was like, 'Oh, that’ll be good!'”

Wechsler on Mike Kelley no longer being the Show Runner anymore:
“It doesn’t make me nervous...I’m bummed. [Mike Kelley] took a big chance on me. He changed my life. I had [an acting] dry spell. A long dry spell and he and others from casting took a chance on me and that meant a great deal to me. I don’t want to lose that support. But if it’s better for him in certain ways…it frees him up to do other things he wants to do. I personally am bummed to lose him.”

Wechsler on his insecurities as an actor:
“I don't like myself as an actor and I, on the day, always feel terrible and like I need to quit. And then I see [the finished product] and, while I still feel really insecure about it, I feel like, almost without fail, I think it comes off better than it felt...It actually sometimes gives me a little boost like, 'Oh! I suck, but not as bad as I thought.'” Wechsler jokes.

On why he got into acting:
“I would like to do comedy. That was sort of what led me to acting.”

Links to Nick Wechsler's full appearance can be found on YouTube and iTunes.

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