DDoS Alert: Taiwan and the Philippines Exchanging Digital Blows

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The recent dispute between Taiwan and the Philippines sparked a cyberwar between the two countries' hackers, defacing and disrupting service for thousands of websites. Nexusguard advises organizations on how to handle such emergencies when affected.

According to Tse, the quickest way to mitigate an attack is by DNS redirection to a DDoS protected Proxy." In theory, it would take as little as several minutes to no more than a few hours to reroute all the traffic."

On May 9, the Philippine Coast Guard shot and killed Taiwanese fisherman Hung Shih-Cheng in disputed waters. Taiwanese hackers quickly launched cyber attacks as a show of protest, successfully defacing and disrupting service for more than a dozen Philippine government websites. Philippine hackers retaliated by taking down the websites of several Taiwan government agencies. As of today, more than two thousand websites have been affected.

DDoS attacks are nothing new, but they have become increasingly sophisticated and accessible in recent years. Newer tools being developed have become easier to use, openning the doors for script kiddies to launch attacks without enduring a steep learning curve. Even the general public can become accomplices of a DDoS attack, with the attacker providing a simple link for anyone to click on. In this event, “hacktivists” launched attacks to protest the situation on behalf of their countries, defacing and taking down “enemy” websites to express their anger. These attacks are difficult to defend against, and because these are unplanned and unpredictable events, it does not make economic sense for every organization to maintain its own professional anti-DDoS team—which is why organizations should consult third-party security service providers.

Most government agencies and corporations do not have the resources to build and maintain a team of Internet security professionals that are on the watch 24/7. When it comes to defending against DDoS attacks, it makes more sense to subscribe to professional anti-DDoS services that can immediately mitigate attacks by routing traffic through the provider's network traffic scrubbing centers.

Nexusguard recommends government agencies, corporations and other organizations to immediately contact them when hit by a DDoS attack—as an industry-leading anti-DDoS service provider, Nexusguard provides timely consultation on what emergency measures to take and effectively responds to an attack within hours.

Are You Being Attacked?
Internet security providers can quickly deduce how an attack is being executed, provided that they have sufficient information to analyze. Nexusguard security researcher Frank Tse advises that organizations should always understand its network infrastructure. In general, this helps third-party security providers accelerate the process of isolating the compromised system and resolving service disruption.

What Should You Do?
1. Determine: How many servers are being used? How much bandwidth do you have? How are routers placed and configured?
2. Diagnose: Is the DNS server or router down? Are only the websites affected?
3. Collaborate: This information helps Internet security providers to determine the vulnerabilities exploited in this attack and identify possible targets. Anti-DDoS service providers can then propose solutions to mitigate the attack. After the attack has been alleviated, organizations should work with Internet security providers to plan a long-term solution that prepares them for possible future attacks.

According to Tse, the quickest way to mitigate an attack is by DNS redirection to a DDoS protected Proxy." In theory, it would take as little as several minutes to no more than a few hours to reroute all the traffic." Shiela Rosario, the Philippines Sales Manager, agrees that an organization's network traffic can be routed through Nexusguard's mitigation almost immediately after proper configuration.

About Nexusguard
Nexusguard was established in 2008 to provide industry-leading end-to-end, cloud-based Internet security solutions. By protecting clients against the ever-increasing and evolving multitude of Internet threats, Nexusguard's cloud-based security solutions empower clients around the globe with uninterrupted services.

Backed with years of experience mitigating thousands of attacks per month, Nexusguard is the leading anti-DDoS provider in the APAC region. With its own scrubbing centers, a highly experience team of security experts and localized support, Nexusguard responds to DDoS attacks quickly and effectively. For more information, please visit http://www.nexusguard.com.

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