AAMPP Implements New and Improved Features for Users

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AAMPP wants to revitalize the people and products of the music business that exist between the studio and the consumer, while still bringing new musicians and their work to the attention of the general public.

We Connent You to Music™

Today, AAMPP™ (simply pronounced “Amp,”) would like to announce several changes that are now in effect over on AAMPP.net. The collaboration-fueled social network, for active and creative music professionals, has many new tools ready for use, as well as significant improvements to existing parts of the AAMPP experience.

Since its first active day on the web, AAMPP's user base has considerably and consistently grown. Founders, Garth Soshahi and O’Neil Anderson, have worked vigorously to remain in keeping with this trend and, as such, have expanded the offerings and flexibility of AAMPP to reflect the same.

O’Neil Anderson – Co-founder & President of AAMPP Network:
Near the end of 2012, following AAMPP's initial launch, we made a commitment to present musicians and industry professionals with a more intuitive and effective way to connect with one another, as well as a better method for engaging directly with fans. These updates will serve as a fresh re-affirmation of that original commitment and position AAMPP to more strongly and positively disrupt the dynamics of the music business.

AAMPP has reinvigorated both the site's physical navigation and its brand singularity. The first and most apparent change users and new visitors will encounter, is a remodeled landing page, one of many landing page renditions to come. The new page is much cleaner than before and AAMPP's message is made immediately and distinctly – We Connect You to Music!™

An introduction video sits on the home page, which concisely tells users what to expect from within the site and network. It provides information that outlines how AAMPP works for each of the different segments of the music industry: musicians, music business professionals and fans.

While AAMPP strives to connect with all those who relate to music, for those looking just to enjoy the music of AAMPP's artist user base, changes to the music browsing section of the site now simplify discovery by allowing fans to browse for new favorite songs, without having to ever create an account. Visitors can explore by clicking the Browse Music icon rooted at the top of the page and choosing one of the 30 genres listed to bring up that style's top and most recent collections of music added to the site by its ever-increasing and diverse pool of musician users.

Given the emphasis on AAMPP's growth, the site's search feature has been fittingly upgraded to version 2.0, in order to better accommodate content. Where previously search only ran within the user database, both users and music are now included. This more expansive search is a much-needed improvement from the original and several subsequent versions are planned for release as the company continues to collectively improve the site.

AAMPP and its features will also be more easily recalled and recognized by users when describing the site to others. New terms have been coined, which will separate AAMPP from other music networks that often overlap and collide, due to repeated identity and label comparison. Three core phrases trademarked to AAMPP include: PULSE™, which is the classification for users' primary content streams, SHOUT™, which is designated to the act of posting content and MUSIC IDENTITY™, which is the label for an artist’s profile on the AAMPP.

Additional enhancements allow for the ability to “play all” tracks, download both individual and entire collections of tracks and the ability to share tracks or albums from a user’s collection of music to networks like Facebook and Twitter, others will be added. AAMPP artist stats of tracks plays and downloads are now displayed as well. These last few alterations are more subtle, but no less significant, and serve as an example of similar changes of convenience planned for the future. Some concepts already in development include: more powerful manager’s features, the ability to comment on individual tracks, photos, a mini activity feed and enhanced user permissions.

AAMPP is also looking to fully round out its toolset by eventually presenting users with the ability to sell their content directly on the site; a feature set to be called AAMPP Instant™. Alternatively, soon users will also be able to digitally distribute their music to other online retailers across the globe.

About AAMPP Network

AAMPP is one of the newest social media outlets available to music listeners and music industry professionals alike. An endeavor started in 2006 by music entrepreneurs Garth Soshahi and O'Neil Anderson, who both wanted to solve the problem they had with finding the right and credible music people to work with.

AAMPP offers music professionals an always-accessible space to find new individuals to collaborate with; for anything from performance work to administrative relationships. AAMPP wants to revitalize the people and products of the music business that exist between the studio and the consumer, while still bringing new musicians and their work to the attention of the general public, because AAMPP wants you to Shout your passion for music™

AAMPP™ (simply pronounced "Amp"), is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida.
For more information about AAMPP please visit: blog.aampp.net

Garth Soshahi, CEO
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