Britain Unveiled as Nation of Cleanliness Criminals

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Shockingly Poor Hygiene Habits Revealed by Panasonic Steam Washing Machines Report

The British public is riddled with shockingly poor hygiene habits, according to new research conducted by Panasonic UK.

Stomach-churning statistics from the Panasonic Steam Washing Machines Report shows that almost one in three Brits leave their sheets on for up to three months. Even more nauseating, a quarter of Brits confess to re-wearing underwear, 40 percent of whom have done so for up to three days.

When it comes to the Cleanliness Crime Rate of the UK, the Midlands has emerged as home to some of the worst offenders. The average Midlander wears an item of clothing such as shorts or a T shirt for at least a week before washing it.

The report also looked into smelliest professions and discovered the property developing industry is the worst in the land. The average property developer believes it’s acceptable to re-wear underwear, socks and even their gym kit for an average of three days before washing.

It’s fair to say that the nation’s laundry habits stink, which makes it unsurprising that 37 percent of those surveyed admit to knowing someone who wears smelly or dirty clothes. Worryingly, almost three quarters of Brits would not tell a colleague or gym buddy that they smell, meaning many are happily oblivious.

Some might say this is a case of ‘pot calling kettle,’ but those surveyed did not hold back when it came to naming the celebrities they feel look the grubbiest. Pop stars, Ke$ha and Britney Spears topped the list of smelliest looking female celebrities, whilst despite their enduring popularity with the ladies, lotharios Russell Brand and Frankie Cocozza led the list of grubby looking males.

Poor washing habits are also having an impact on our relationships as half of the married or co-habiting couples surveyed blame most of their domestic arguments on laundry-related chores.

Cleaning expert, Linda Dykes from TV show, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners comments, “Bad laundry practice is not only anti-social, it is extremely unhealthy. The Panasonic Steam Washer is a good solution for the one in six Britons falling behind on laundry due to lack of time, as it reduces the length of your wash cycle by 40 percent.”

Linda Dykes has outlined her top cleaning tips to help combat crimes against cleanliness:

1.    The only way to banish odours on your clothes is frequent washing. Any item that is placed next to the skin, e.g. underwear, should be worn once and then washed.
2.    If you’re pressed for time, you can refresh clothes using washing machines with Steam Action-Technology, such as the Panasonic NA-140VZ4 and NA-140VS4, which deodorize laundry in between full washes.
3.    Invest in three separate laundry bags for whites, colours and darks. This speeds the process up as it eliminates the time spent sorting each wash.
4.    Don't wash your bed linen with clothing items. Sheets are on your bed for a lot longer than you wear clothes, allowing odours and dead skin cells to build up. Washing sheets by themselves allows proper room for them to clean and breathe.
5.    Don't overload your washer as items will not be cleaned as well. Overloading creases items, which means you are more likely to have to iron them. Using Panasonic’s Steam Action Washing Machines helps, as clothes come out less creased than those with the conventional wash or dry cycle.
6.    Remove stubborn yellow sweat stains by adding a small capful of bleach to your washing powder during a standard cotton wash.
7.    If you spill any oil based substances such as foundation on clothes, scrub the area with a little squirt of washing-up liquid and rinse it off before putting it in the wash immediately.
8.    Reduce domestic disputes by educating the household to place their laundry into baskets daily. The only way to encourage this is to refuse to do it for them. If they don’t do it, clothes will not be washed, and this soon drums the message home.

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Notes to editor:
Panasonic NH-P80S1 dryer and NA-140VZ4 and NA-140VS4 washers, all feature the very latest Steam Action technology.

Survey of 2,000 adults conducted by One Poll in April 2013. Full results available upon request.

Linda Dykes is available for interview.

For more information, please contact onechocolate communications.
Email: Panasonic(at)onechocolatecomms(dot)co(dot)uk or Tel: 0207 437 0227

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