New Stress Relief Methods Reveal How Online Marketers Can Lose Stress and Be Happier in 7 Days

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The Stress Relief industry just got its wake-up call with New Stress Relief Methods now released to the public as “7 Days to Permanent Stress Relief.”

Larry Kessler has officially put the Stress Management industry on notice: Losing stress permanently is now possible, faster, easier, and more affordable than ever before.

Adam was fed up with the stress that came with his career in Life Insurance. For years he had sold insurance during the day and taken classes on public speaking at night. So he thought, why not start an online business where he could teach everything he knew about public speaking and get paid for it? How easy could that be?

So Adam became an Internet Entrepreneur and dove into website creation, SEO, Social Media, and all it takes to succeed in online marketing. He did all this in his spare time, expecting his online business to help him eventually quit his day job.

And his stress levels? They climbed through the roof. He couldn’t sleep. He gained weight. He battled headaches and tension and had more colds and flus than ever before. As Hans Selye, the father of stress said, “Every stress leaves an indelible scar, and we pay for our survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older.” And Adam felt a lot older.

Larry Kessler has identified 3 key causes of stress familiar to online marketers:

  •     The time lag between getting your business off the ground and making money
  •     Unmet Goals and Expectations
  •     Overwhelm with all the details of online marketing

These stresses pile up as the time it takes to make money grows longer, as goals are passed by unrealized, and as more frustrations running the online business rear up. But these 3 stressors are just part of a bigger problem, which is the damage that stress does to ones body, ones relationships, ones business, and ones life.

Stress management helped Adam a little but not much as he waited for his online business to change his life and save him from all the stress.

Here’s the problem with Stress Management:

  •     It helps you cope with stress but doesn’t get rid of it.
  •     It gives you techniques that provide only temporary relief.
  •     Most of the time, those techniques don’t really work.

If you are stressed, then your body has already been damaged.

But there is a solution. The body can be guided into reacting differently. And by reacting in a better way, it can drop its usual responses to stress. You can lose stress permanently.

Using these latest stress relief methods found in the 7 Day Quick Start to Permanent Stress Relief, Adam was able to drop all his stress as his online business continued to grow. He slept better, had more energy to tackle his website, and felt more balanced in his relationships with his friends and family.

Larry Kessler, an online marketer and psychologist, developed a way to end stress in a 7-day, complete step-by-step new program you can find at He says, “If you don’t have stress, then you don’t have to manage stress.”

As Larry Kessler goes on, “Our 7 Day Quick Start to Permanent Stress Relief has gone the stress management industry one better. Where most psychologists and stress management websites help you manage stress, our 7 Day Quick Start to Permanent Stress Relief transforms the way your body reacts to stress. If the body doesn’t respond to stress, then you don’t feel stress.”

This special video program is available for immediate download at And to help as many people as possible, this valuable program is available now for only $1.

For media inquiries or to arrange for an interview or an expert quote, please contact Larry Kessler at 562-279-3123.

Larry Kessler has over 20 years of experience helping people with stress, trauma, and PTSD. He has taken the tools he developed to relieve PTSD, a profound state of stress, and applied them to working with milder forms of stress. The result is the 7 Day Quick Start to Permanent Stress Relief. It is powerful and effective.

Larry Kessler is a member of the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute and the National Association of Massage Therapists. His organization “InnerArts” is headquartered in Long Beach, CA, USA and has helped over 1500 people with stress and trauma relief.

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