Fishing Enthusiast Henri Degre Shares Pro Tips

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Henri Degre weighs in with a few tips for beginner anglers.

According to salmon fishing enthusiast Henri Degre, catching fish is not as simple or as easy as many make it out to be. Though there is a persistent image of the fisherman as someone who simply drops his line into the water and then waits, there is actually much strategy involved with successful fishing expeditions. Indeed, there is a wide chasm between those who are casual about fishing, and those who are truly serious about it—and the truly skilled fishers are set apart by the big hauls they bring in. A recent article from Outdoor Life sheds light on some of the best practices for successful fishing. Henri Degre has weighed in on the article with a new statement to the press.

“What’s the difference between a great fisherman and a decent one?” asks Henri Degre, in his new press statement. “The short answer is the number of fish they bring in! Those with skill and experience know that catching fish is not just about chance. It’s about using the right techniques, tools, and strategies.”

The Outdoor Life article, meanwhile, reveals a few particular tips from several seasoned fishing guides. The first one listed is Captain Clint Taylor, who lives and works in Illinois. A guide with more than six years of experience, Captain Taylor notes that, in a world gone mad with all things high-tech, his favorite tools are the most basic and low-tech ones. In particular, Taylor notes the virtue in cane-poling for crappies—a technique that is low-tech, yet precise.

Fishing guide Chris Edwards, from Texas, offers his own tips for those fishing for crappies. He emphasizes the importance of knowing the physical characteristics of the fish one is seeking; in the case of crappies, this means knowing that they are nearsighted. What this means is that crappies tend to get close to bait and scrutinize it closely before biting—making a realistic bait presentation utterly essential.

Outdoor Life also seeks a comment from Jerry Blake, an Arkansas-based fishing guide with more than 13 years of experience. He makes an endorsement for the use of sonar technology. “Start fishing slightly above the shallowest panfish on the fishfinder and then work the baits deeper,” Blake offers.

Here, Henri Degre offers his own thoughts. “Notice that some of these fishing guides are all about using new technologies, while others are much more old-school,” he remarks. “The important thing, I think, is to make sure that you avail yourself of the technologies that are out there, without becoming too dependent on them, and without neglecting the fundamentals.”

The Outdoor Life article finishes with a comment from fishing guide Robert Walters, who notes the importance of adding salt seasoning to bait.”

“There are clearly many considerations for anglers to make—including considerations about technology, about the types of fish in question, and more,” concludes Henri Degre. Henri Degre is a long-time fishing enthusiast, especially fond of salmon fishing in New York.


Henri Degre is the General Manager of Mobile Concepts, a company that designs and manufactures trailers and vehicles for law enforcement, fire, and medical response professionals, as well as numerous government agencies. He is also an avid sportsman and fisherman, as well as a long-time hockey enthusiast. Degre lives and works in Pennsylvania, and loves to fish for salmon in the area.

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