Parents and Teachers are Finding the Best Books to Inspire Gifted Children This Summer

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With the school year drawing to a close, parents and teacher are finding a wealth of resources at to spark gifted children's creativity all summer long and into next school year.

The school year is ending, but gifted minds can't afford to go on vacation. Parents and teachers of gifted children realize that it is up to them to provide enriching activities all summer long so that our nation's best and brightest can reach their full potential. is making it easy for parents and teachers to spark gifted kids' creativity this summer. Instead of simply providing another reading list for gifted children, they are featuring books for parents and teachers to share with gifted readers that can serve as guides for creative thinking. At, parents and teachers are finding explanations for why certain books are ideal to share with their gifted readers, as well as practical, hands-on activities they can use to encourage gifted thinkers to create their own inspired compositions. provides activity sheets for each book they feature, offering parents and teachers different activities designed for each gender and grade level. Each activity sheet is made available for download in a PDF file for free. Each set of exercises encourages gifted readers to understand what an author is doing in a text and how they are achieving that effect. Most importantly, each activity sheet also spurs gifted kids to then use that information in order to flex their own creative muscles and write something as imaginative.

The activities provided by are also making it easy for educators to reach the national benchmarks that have been put in place for each grade level; the site takes to the time to point out how each of their exercises aligns with the Common Core of State Standards. also notes the Lexile Measure of each featured book, a number which is assigned to assess the difficulty level of a text.’s philosophy, however, is that the key to gifted children reaching their full potential does not lie in following established guidelines and a prescribed way of thinking. On the contrary, they believe gifted minds need to witness paradigm shifts and out-of-the-box approaches in order to inspire them to similar groundbreaking thinking. Based on this reasoning, is featuring a once-in-a-lifetime literary event that has the power to stimulate gifted minds all summer long and into next school year.

Winky Studmire is the first children’s fiction series ever to share its illustrations with readers before it is published. The main character (who is himself a gifted child) is posting real photos, videos, and comments on his Facebook page ( as the plot of each book unfolds in real-time from now through November 2013. is excited to witness how Winky Studmire is letting gifted children become active participants in the storytelling process. Fans get to start their own conversations with the books’ main characters, and they can share their instant reactions to each new post. Gifted kids who participate during the live-blogging event are empowered to share their own thoughts and theories with future readers, helping to shape the entire series with their comments.

And, unlike other children’s book series, gifted readers won’t have to wait for years between installments of Winky Studmire. The first seven books are already written and will be released one-per-month from May through November 2013... providing plenty of good reads for gifted kids all summer long.

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