Keeping Ahead of Google Changes to Maximize the Effectiveness of Local Search Campaigns this Summer

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Maine marketing firm, My Local Leads provides insight for local businesses marketing online.

For small businesses trying to succeed with local search campaigns can seem a lot like throwing a dart at a dartboard while blindfolded. For the uninitiated, there is often a lot of guess and check, hit and miss. For professional firms such as My Local Leads, however, keeping abreast of the changes in technology comes with the territory.

Google is still the most popular search engine to date. Changes occur frequently within the world of search engines as various, less reputable marketing gurus—a name they give themselves—do their very best to master and outsmart the complex series of algorithms used to determine which sites should show up on a search and in which order. It would seem there is nothing wrong with that. After all, who remembers the days of various companies starting out as ABC or AAA, just to be first in the Yellow Pages listings? That was merely a name, however.

Changes to the world's most popular search engine can be helpful or harmful to businesses. New updates are lurking just around the corner for Google. Sources are aflutter currently due to a new valuation of incoming links to sites. Those sites that have abused link building processes to try and get better Google ranks may see a massive drop in traffic. Even valid techniques such as exact matching keyword anchor text for links can raise a red flag with the next update. Unnatural seeming guest posts can have negative consequences as well. Furthermore, for business that have invested in link building networks, it is definitely time to hurry up and do some backtracking as these sorts of networks seem to be directly in the cross hairs of Google.

Today, search engines are seen as a trusted advocate for the consumer. They are constantly being pushed to bring forth the most relevant results based on a variety of factors. All sorts of items are accounted for when delivering search results to users around the globe. These factors include geographical location, the specific words typed into the search box and in which order, recent searches performed, others’ reviews of different sites, the number of sites that have also made note of a single site or page’s usefulness, and much more.

There are certainly proper ways to get a site to show up at the top of Google’s ranks, which all businesses should strive for. Studies have shown that more than the lion’s share of business is conducted amongst those first three sites that show up on a Google search result’s first page. Search engine optimization helps make the site more likely to be picked up by Google as well as more likely to get a better ranking in the tremendously complex and secretive search engine algorithm. Proper, approved techniques include making sure your site loads quickly, is built using a platform that is easily traversed by search engine bots such as an affordable Wordpress website, and having regular, quality content constantly flowing into the website.

Other techniques to get a site high marks in the eyes of the complex computer systems that drive search engines include building a wide internet presence. This can be accomplished by joining and being active on various social media networks. It can also mean verifying the legitimate business through free Google maps listings. While all of these things are certainly appropriate ways to get sites to show up for customers first, local businesses simply do not have the time and resources to study and invest in the various technologies that will make such attempts successful while also trying to maintain and grow their own business.

My Local Leads works directly with small and medium businesses to help them stay in the front of the pack when it comes to keeping updated with all the latest changes. This year, Google has already put out two key updates to their search engine algorithm. In 2012, they put out more than 30 key updates. More changes are certainly on the way. Just recently, Google provided information for updates that will be made to the Google enhanced Adwords campaigns. Being certified by Google and having year of success in the field on online local marketing, My Local Leads works daily to help business make the right choices for both today and tomorrow.

My Local Leads encourages business owners to work with a firm that is constantly pushing the limits and testing new strategies rather than one that uses the same old formula year after year. Even if that formula has been successful in the past, things will change. Staying ahead of the competition in local search marketing requires being able to not only find what works, but what will work in the future.

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