Kovanda Plastic Surgery Now Provides Minneapolis-St. Paul with Fat Grafting to the Buttocks

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Kovanda Plastic Surgery now has buttock augmentation through fat grafting available to their patients at their Minneapolis facility. This further expands on Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda's advanced body contouring procedures, allowing prospective patients to have more variety in achieving their ideal look.

Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda of Kovanda Plastic Surgery has announced that buttock augmentation through fat grafting is now available to patients of his practice serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, Maple Grove, and communities throughout the Twin Cities metro area. This makes Dr. Kovanda one of the select first few board-certified plastic surgeons in Minnesota to perform large-volume fat grafting to the buttocks.

"We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this procedure at Kovanda Plastic Surgery,” stated Dr. Kovanda. “Now our patients don’t have to go to Miami or Brazil for the Brazilian butt lift!”

Buttock augmentation through fat grafting joins power assisted lipoplasty, abdominoplasty, and other advanced body contouring procedures as part of the full suite of plastic surgery options available at Dr. Kovanda’s practice.

About Fat Grafting to the Buttocks
Fat grafting to the buttocks is an effective alternative to gluteal implants for patients who wish to enhance the buttocks using their own natural tissues. Excess fat is first removed via liposuction from areas of the body where it has accumulated. The fat cells are then carefully processed and purified so that they can be transferred to the buttocks. Dr. Kovanda strategically injects the fat cells at various depths to ensure the most natural-looking results possible.

It is important to note that fat grafting to the buttocks is an invasive surgical procedure with inherent risks, and should therefore be performed only by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, accompanied by a board-certified anesthesiologist, in an accredited facility with specialized equipment. Every measure should be taken to minimize the risk of complications and to ensure the patient’s safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction.

The success of the procedure depends on the plastic surgeon’s skill, technique, equipment, and ability to carefully harvest and process the fat cells to maximize the graft survival and “take” rate. The reshaping of the buttocks is achieved through a combination of targeted liposuction to enhance shape and fat grafting to add volume where it is deficient.

As a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Dr. Kovanda provides fat grafting and other procedures in accordance with the highest standards of safety, quality, and ethics.

Benefits and Risks of Fat Grafting to the Buttocks
For suitable candidates, fat grafting to the buttocks can produce long-lasting, natural-looking results. Patients of Kovanda Plastic Surgery can undergo the procedure on its own or in conjunction with other body contouring procedures.

"An additional benefit of undergoing the procedure at my practice,” added Dr. Kovanda, “is that patient safety, comfort, and results are of the utmost importance to me and my staff. We are committed to maintaining the absolute highest standard of care.”

As with any invasive surgical procedure, there are risks associated with fat grafting, including contour irregularity, prolonged swelling, hematoma, seroma, incomplete fat graft take, asymmetry, oil cyst formation, fat necrosis, granuloma formation, and fat embolism.

About Dr. Kovanda
Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda provides the full range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures to patients from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Maple Grove, and the Twin Cities metro area. In addition to being a member of the ASAPS, Dr. Kovanda is affiliated with many other prestigious professional societies, including the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Kovanda’s integration of buttock augmentation through fat grafting into his plastic surgery practice is the most recent example of his commitment to being at the forefront of advances in his field. Over the past decade, he has been an investigator in an FDA study of silicone breast implants, and he has extensive experience in the use of advanced techniques such as fat transfer to the face, power assisted lipoplasty, laser blepharoplasty, and endoscopy.

Further information about Dr. Kovanda can be obtained by visiting the Kovanda Plastic Surgery website or by using the contact information below:

Southdale Medical Building
6545 France Ave S Ste 276
Edina, MN 55435

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