New Research Shows Diets Often Fail Due to Feelings of Restriction, Making Sustainable Weight Loss with Supplements Like Liproxenol More Promising

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A recent study reveals that the more a person deprives themselves via a diet, the greater the value they place on unhealthy foods, suggesting that weight loss supplements like Liproxenol which was developed by Liproxenol Pharmaceuticals may help people lose weight long term.

Most often when a person diets, he or she ends up gaining back all the weight they’ve lost, if not more. Now researchers are recognizing that this happens due to feelings of deprivation, making appetite control supplements such as Liproxenol beneficial to sustaining lifelong weight loss.

On May 11, 2013, a study was released in an issue of NeuroImage which involved two groups of teens who agreed to limit the number of calories they consumed. They essentially mimicked what happens when people, generally adults, diet.

Researchers studied the brains of these adolescents to see their responses in the attention and reward areas when they were shown pictures of foods that looked appealing and unappealing, as well as images of glasses of plain old water and chocolate milkshakes.

They found that the more the teen’s diets were restricted, the greater responsiveness they showed with foods that were unhealthy. This may account for why people tend to gain weight when they “go off” a diet as they have increased their mental triggers for wanting the very foods they limited themselves from having while practicing caloric restriction.

This suggests that weight loss supplements such as Liproxenol may ease this response as it also suppresses the appetite, resulting in reduced feelings of restriction. Liproxenol is a weight loss supplement that contains all natural ingredients such as green tea, vitamin B6, cayenne powder and dandelion root. It was created by Liproxenol Nutraceuticals to increase metabolism, decrease appetite and burn excess fat.

About Liproxenol Nutraceuticals:

Liproxenol Nutraceuticals is recognized as an industry leader in the fields of health, wellness and better living. The company's products are enjoyed by customers around the world and are among a new class of supplements that are not only effective but also safe and made from 100% all-natural ingredients. Liproxenol Nutraceuticals is based in Australia and the USA.

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