Study Reveals Weight Loss Has Long Term Benefits for Obese People with Sleep Apnea and Type 2 Diabetes, Making Products Like Liproxenol Beneficial for Overall Health

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Recent research findings suggest that sleep apnea issues for obese individuals who also have type 2 diabetes are greatly reduced after losing weight, meaning that supplements such as Liproxenol which was developed by Liproxenol Pharmaceuticals may help people resolve at least one of their major health concerns

Having one health condition is difficult enough, but those that suffer with sleep apnea and diabetes have it extra hard. However, scientists have now found that weight loss may ease one of them, making supplements like Liproxenol valuable to enhancing their quality of life.

In a May, 2013 issue of the online journal SLEEP, a study was published that involved 264 obese adults that had both sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes. They studied them at intervals of 1, 2 and 4 years at several different Look AHEAD clinical centers to see if initial weight loss benefited the subjects in regard to the apnea at four years into their future as much as it did after only one.

They did a lifestyle intervention with the participants which included diabetes education and support. Then, at the predetermined yearly intervals, they assessed the individual’s sleep apnea to see if it changed.

Researchers found that with the help of the lifestyle intervention, the subjects lost, on average, 10.7 kg after one year, regained roughly 3.3 kg after 2 years and only retained a 5.2 kg weight loss overall at the 4 year mark. The participants did see noticeable improvements with their sleep apnea over the course of the study, regardless of the fact that they gained back approximately half of the weight that they initially lost. In addition, apnea remission was 5 times better with those that received lifestyle intervention as opposed to those that only had diabetes education and support.

This study suggests that individuals who are overweight, have sleep apnea and suffer from type 2 diabetes can benefit greatly from dropping the extra pounds they carry. At a minimum, it at least helps them with the sleep apnea issues. Therefore, weight loss supplements such as Liproxenol may not only help people lose fat, but also increase their overall health and wellness.

Liproxenol is a weight loss supplement that contains all natural ingredients such as green tea, vitamin B6, cayenne powder and dandelion root. It was created by Liproxenol Nutraceuticals to increase metabolism, decrease appetite and burn excess fat.

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