Shiny Loot, Online Indie Game Store, Offers 50 Indie Games on Sale at or Over 50% Off and Steam or Desura Keys on All Purchases

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Online digital distributor with focus on indie games launches two week sale with over 50 games at 50% off or more with Desura or Steam keys. In addition, Shiny Loot is selling their four game Universal OS Bundle at over 80% off.

50 Indie Games at 50% Off or More

Shiny Loot, an emerging player in the online digital distribution space, is adding one more reason to shop at their indie focused store. Shiny Loot will now offer Steam and Desura keys on several titles from participating developers and publishers. To celebrate and promote this offering, Shiny Loot has lined up the We Got Your Keys (Indie) Sale on over 50 indie games at 50 - 80% off from today through May 29. Every game in this sale comes with a Desura or Steam key.

The game-discovery driven store remains anti-DRM, however. Third party keys will always be offered in addition to, and not instead of, the usual DRM-free and one time key validation downloads. Providing Steam and Desura keys puts Shiny Loot in a unique position. Previously receiving both DRM-free and Steam/Desura versions existed only within temporary bundles or individual games.

By offering innovative ways to both find and play games, Shiny Loot expects to see a rise in popularity as they prepare for a full featured release. This will give Shiny Loot customers the unique satisfaction of being able to enjoy the safety of owning DRM-free games as well as the convenience of owning them through a download manager like Desura or Steam. Titles include Trainz Simulator 12, The Journey Down, and SpaceChem. RPG, Action, Adventure, Strategy, and Puzzle games as well as other genres are all well represented so there is something for everyone at prices as low as $0.99 per game.

In addition, Shiny Loot has also announced their Universal OS Bundle for $3.99. Included in the bundle are Spectraball Extended Edition, Gravi, On The Shoulders of Ancestors, and Blue Libra 2. Every one of these games are DRM-free and will work on any operating system - Windows, Mac, and Linux. These are a unique mix of indie games that have received strong reviews. Separately priced at $25, shoppers can save $20 by purchasing the Universal OS Bundle. Additionally, most games in the bundle will also include a Steam or Desura key.

More about the games in the bundle:

Spectraball Extended Edition combines platforming, puzzles, twitch reactions, and between level upgrades into an addictive experience. Roll, jump, and blast your way through seven unique stages as the game tests your reflexes and puzzle solving ability. To further enhance replay value, Spectraball includes online leaderboards and a map editor to design, share, and rate maps with others from around the world. Customers will receive a Steam key with purchase of Spectraball Enhanced Edition.

Gravi is a puzzle-platformer that requires twitch reflexes and creative thinking to overcome. Bend gravity to your will across 40 unique levels and shoot, swing, and jump to survive this fast paced puzzler. Customers will receive a Desura key with purchase of Gravi.

On The Shoulders of Ancestors is a sci-fi themed platformer with the cycle of life as a core game mechanic. Somewhat unique to 2D platformers, levels use vertical scrolling instead of side scrolling. The player controls Lemonites, jumping through 23 levels, laying eggs to create children he will soon control, and using his ancestors' remains to jump to new heights. Customers will receive a Desura key with purchase of On The Shoulders of Ancestors.

Blue Libra 2 is a real-time combat game about building crafts, conquering planets, and traveling the universe. Upgrades will become available as the player progress through campaign mode, further enhancing the player's fleets. If campaign mode isn't enough, Blue Libra 2 also offers up to 4 person multiplayer over the internet.

These games will only be on sale until May 29 so there is only limited time to go to Shiny Loot, make an account, and purchase. As a bonus, customers who contact support after completing their order with the code word 'INDIEBACK' will receive 10% of their total purchase price back in store credits! Shiny Loot also offers free credits for review rewards so with credits back and some quick reviews, Shiny Loot users could find themselves with more games than they know what to do with.

About Shiny Loot:

Shiny Loot opened to the public in March 2013 and was founded as the solution to a growing number of high quality, independently developed games falling under the radar. Customers to which these games are targeted may often be very interested but unable to find said games without hours of research. The trait and filter search system solves this problem by bridging the gap between high quality games and gamers looking for a particular set of characteristics. To ensure customer satisfaction, Shiny Loot offers all game downloads with minimal to no DRM and with no separate client required.

Shiny Loot's key features:

  •     Independent gaming focused marketplace
  •     Unique trait system with over 150 ways to search
  •     Search filters to cross-reference traits, genres, settings, and more
  •     Minimal to no DRM on all titles
  •     User reviews and review rewards
  •     One currency, same pricing worldwide (+tax)
  •     All titles available worldwide

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