Defiance's Grant Bowler Talks About Michael Taylor's False Departure from the Show and More in an Interview on Afterbuzz TV

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Defiance's Grant Bowler made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Defiance aftershow Monday night. In his appearance, Bowler talks about a false report of Michael Taylor's departure from the show, Defiance's Historical inspiration, and some jokes the cast Defiance played on him.

Defiance's Grant Bowler made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Defiance aftershow Monday night. In his appearance, Bowler talks about a false report of Michael Taylor's departure from the show, Defiance's Historical inspiration, and some jokes the cast Defiance played on him.

On Executive Producer Michael Taylor's reported departure from the Series:
“Deadline got a whiff, and they ran a little ahead of themselves. I spoke to Michael Taylor last Friday, he was out at lunch with Kevin and the rest of the writers….He's still on the show and he's a huge asset. I mean, if that had been a reality, I would have been really, really sad.”

Grant on his love of Sci-fi:
“I love great science fiction. I love great sci-fi. I love my Star Wars, I love my Blade Runner, I love my Star Trek. But so often, it's the desolate world. Blade Runner is a desolate world. It's a nihilistic world. Star Wars is a world…where they're fighting to stop extinction, in a sense. Moral and ethical extinction. Even in Doctor Who, you've got the Daleks…it's the idea of growing, starting from hope, because it's not something that I often associate with the best sci-fi. And I love that idea of turning it on its' head a bit.”

On Defiance's Historical inspiration:
“I am a huge history buff, and the whole idea of Defiance as an independent city, sitting in amongst all of these powers, is very 1920's to 1940 Europe. ...even look at the territory of Texas or the early days of California, before they were brought into the union.  That tipping point if you like for Defiance, is where it's at right now. ...You have to have a civilization rise, and then you have to have a conflict.  Because traditionally 95 percent of our movements forward in terms of technology have been during great times of war or conflict.”

“I see [Defiance] as the evolution of the United States, in a sense. It's these little city-states, which is quite an ancient Greek concept, you know, that are eventually going to either form a very communist idea, or maybe a Republic, maybe a Socialist idea, but we have that conversation. At the moment, we look like we have the seeds of a republic, and Defiance itself certainly stands for the idea of a republic, but what's it going to look like?”

Grant on when Mia Kirschner and Stephanie Leonidas pranked him:
“[Mia Kirschner and Stephanie Leonidas] did do one thing to me… I think it was our last night, and we're in the Need/Want. We're shooting that scene where we're sitting and I tell Rafe I can track for him… so on my chair, there's an amended scene... and Mia and Stephanie got that too; Kevin just sent it from LA. (It's three hours earlier in LA, so it's conceivable)…and as I'm talking about when are we going to shoot this scene, I'm flipping through the pages, at the end of the pilot, Nolan and Irisa, and…Irisa says, you know, 'You're more than a father to me,' and Nolan says, 'Oh, you know, I love you too, kid,' and she says, 'No. I've always loved you,' and then the big print has, 'There's a pause. Irisa moves in, kisses Nolan hard on the lips, they sink from frame,' And at this point, I'm irate! I've already been playing this girl's father for weeks, and I'm like, 'Who the hell…!' and everybody on set cracks up. [The crew] had literally gone out the back and written a scene just to get me.”

Grant on maintaining continuity:
“We shot the pilot, and there was hand-pulped paper given to us, because we decided that the ability to mass-pulp paper has gone…Which puts paper in really short supply…We went into the series. The first time I went out onto the streets of Defiance, there was paper blowing around in the wind. Old newspaper and paper looks fantastic on screen, because it gives you context and atmosphere and environment, and everything else, and the first words out of my mouth were, 'Guys, pick up all that paper.'”

Grant on some behind the scenes information:
"A little thing for all of the fans, we actually have the entire backlot in bubble wrap, at the moment, the town is in bubble wrap... So apparently somebody has to go up a couple of weeks ahead and start unwrapping Defiance. Isn't that cool?! ...I think it's going to take them two weeks for them to actually unwrap the whole town."

Grant Bowler on his character Nolan as a lawkeeper:
"He's got the iron fist, there's no velvet glove. He's very very canny and he's very smart.  I kind of look at Nolan... he's a fantastic peacekeeper, if you wanted somebody to come in and tidy the joint up and then walk straight back out again, he's the perfect choice.  But for the guy who tidies the place up and then stays and lives there, he's a terrible choice, because once there's enough law and order, he would probably be the first guy you got rid of.  He's Wyatt Earp."

Did Kenya pull Amanda to Defiance or did Amanda pull Kenya?
“[That] will be answered very soon, my friend.”

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