Doug Turner Plumbing Announces New Leak Detection Services

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Houston Area Plumbing Company to Provide Improved Leak Detection

Doug Turner Plumbing has been the company that Houston area residents have used for all of their plumbing needs for decades, and now the company offers advanced leak detection services to benefit homeowners.

Different Leak Detection Methods Now Available
The skilled team of plumbers at Doug Turner Plumbing is now proud to use advanced leak detection methods to determine if there is a leak in the home. These new techniques allow Doug Turner plumbers to pinpoint the leak’s exact location, using electronic leak detection, hydrostatic testing, and video pipeline testing. Not every plumbing company in the area uses these techniques, but they are a true benefit to the homeowner in a number of ways.

With the advanced leak detection tools used by Doug Turner Plumbing, the Houston plumber team will be able to determine with accuracy if there is a leak in the walls of a home, and where the leak is located. The fact is that the other companies that do not use these methods must identify the presence of a leak through other less desirable methods. For example, it is common for plumbers to cut through the drywall to visibly identify a leak. The problem with this is that they must first make a guess about the location of the leak. If this initial guess is wrong, a section of drywall was removed for no reason, and another section must then be removed to determine if a leak is in another area of the home. This process may be repeated numerous times until the leak is detected, if there is a leak at all. Ultimately, this can cause a significant amount of costly and unnecessary damage to the home. Doug Turner Plumbing’s advanced leak detection methods are already saving homeowners money in these unnecessary and excessive costs.

When to Call
A homeowner should contact Doug Turner Plumbing when a leak is suspected or identified. Each day that passes without a leak being repaired is a day when additional water damage may be done to the home and additional water is wasted. The company can respond to emergency repair issues around the clock, and they can also schedule standard service during regular business hours for non-urgent needs. The company serves customers throughout most of the Houston metropolitan area.

Homeowners understand the importance of detecting and repairing leaks as soon as possible. Even a very slow leak buried deep inside the walls of a home can result in significant water wasted in a short period of time, and this can inflate the property owner’s water bill until the leak is located and fixed. Both large and small leaks will result in property damage related to rotted wood, warped drywall, staining, and even mold growth. Some homeowners may know that they have a water leak because they can see water dripping through the ceiling or running down a wall. Other people may believe that they have a leak because their water bill is higher than normal for no apparent reason.

Houston area residents have taken advantage of the leak detection Houston tools used by Doug Turner Plumbing since 1987. The company can be contacted directly at 281-980-9300 or through their website, to pursue these newly announced and advanced methods.

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