Certified Gold Exchange Exec Claims Paper Gold Markets Massively Manipulated

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A recent Gold Seek article has moved a senior executive for the Certified Gold Exchange to comment on gold derivatives.

The vice president of a popular gold coin and bullion dealer has gone on record with his belief that parts of the gold market are being manipulated. His comments come after a recent Gold Seek article made similar claims.

Stewart Lawson is the vice president of marketing for the Certified Gold Exchange, a U.S.-based precious metals dealer that handles physical delivery investments as well as Gold IRA plans. Lawson had this to say about possible manipulation of the gold market:

“Of course gold can, and is, being manipulated. Gold moves according to the dollar’s value and everyone knows that. If our government can find a way to make the dollar look stronger so the gold price falls, it will happen. What a lot of people don’t understand is that at the end of the day, gold is gold but not all gold investments are gold. Physical gold is one thing, that market can be manipulated somewhat but any manipulations are only temporary. The gold derivatives market is a different story. Since those markets are all done on paper and computers the ability of a government, organization or other entity to manipulate prices becomes exponentially easier."

Lawson’s comments come on the heels of an article that made a very strong case for believing that parts of the gold market could be manipulated. On May 3, fraudulent U.S. non-farm payroll numbers were released, sending gold tumbling by almost $40 per ounce. Markets in Asia and India, however, posted strong gains. The article alleges that bankers made a coordinated effort to get false statistics to the public to spark a selling session.

On Tuesday, May 7, various banks released reports highlighting the “riskiness” of gold, and many banks amended their gold price forecasts for 2013 downward. Almost immediately, the gold spot price fell by more than $20 per ounce. The article writer states his belief that central banks are shifting funds away from gold, releasing news and/or reports that are meant to hurt the gold price and then once household investors have went into panic mode and gold has fallen substantially, the large banks buy back into the paper gold market.

Both the article writer and Certified Gold Exchange’s Lawson acknowledge that manipulation of the paper gold market affects the prices of physical gold investments. However, Lawson pointed out that “while paper investments are relatively new and can be manipulated by anyone with a Twitter account, physical gold has proven true for 5,000 years and in the long run, real gold investments will always end up being worth what they are supposed to be worth.”

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