Sun Tech Glass Tinting Offering New Hüper Optik Houston Window Tinting

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Houston-based Sun Tech Glass Tinting provides another Energy Star-Rated tinting film

Homeowners can now make their homes more energy efficient and protect their valuables with Hüper Optik window tinting from Sun Tech Glass. This impressive window tinting offers superior protection from the sun’s UV rays, and that makes homes more comfortable.

Less Fading
Fine carpets, furniture, and even flooring will fade under the sun’s harsh UV rays. Sun Tech Glassing's newest offering, Hüper Optik, provides the finest window tinting, and it filters out an incredible 99.9% of ultraviolet light, along with 98% of infrared heat. This means that a beautiful new couch will retain its bright colors, and fine wood flooring won’t discolor under the sun’s rays. Electronics are also prone to damage if exposed to the UV rays, so this is also a wise investment for any homeowner who has electronics near any windows in the home. Buyers will save money by protecting their personal property from the sun.

The Benefits of Blocking Infrared Heat
Infrared heat travels through the windows and gradually warms the air inside a home. As the heat continues traveling into the living space, air conditioners have to work harder to cool the home. With Sun Tech's Houston Window Tinting, the heat will not enter the home at all. Rooms will stay cooler, so the air conditioner won’t have to run as long or work as hard.

While homeowners will benefit through lower utility bills, there are other important savings to consider. By taking the strain off of the system, the air conditioner will last longer. It won’t break down as often, so owners will also save money on repairs and maintenance. In the winter, the infrared blocking will keep more heat inside the home, so it will stay warm and toasty when the temperature drops. As with the air conditioner, a home's furnace won’t have to work as hard, saving money on fuel, maintenance, and repairs.

Increased Security
A high quality Hüper Optik Houston window tint film also makes homes safer. It creates a barrier on the glass that is highly resistant to breaking, so glass is held in place even if it is struck from the outside and shatters. Tinting can keep the property and one's family safe from falling glass if debris hits the window in a storm, and it prevents intruders from smashing a window to gain entry to the home.

Commercial and Residential Services
Sun Tech offers commercial and residential window tinting services. Property owners in the Houston area are enjoying all of these benefits of window tinting with the help of Sun Tech. Whether a customer wants tinting to make her home more secure or to protect her business's interior from fading, Sun Tech will provide the customer with quality services and superior window tinting.

Trust an Experienced Team
Sun Tech has more than 28 years of experience in window tinting. They install the tinting using the highest quality of materials for a smooth, bubble-free finish that cuts glare and cools the house. Their window tints maintain a clear view without any distortion, so customers can enjoy all the benefits of tinting without giving up their beautiful view.


Sun Tech Glass Tinting has over 25 years of window tinting experience. They offer free estimates on their window tinting services, and reasonable prices on superior quality Hüper Optik window tints. A property will be more comfortable, personal items will be protected from fading, and family will be safer from intruders. Customers are invited to visit their website to view specials and new offers on all their window tinting needs. They can also call Sun Tech today at (832) 900-7672 to schedule a consultation and free estimate.

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