Sit ‘n Sleep Announces 10 Crazy Predictions for the Future of Beds

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These unique and futuristic beds may be coming to a bedroom near you.

10 Crazy Predictions for the Future of Beds

These aren't your typical twin or queen mattresses. Check out these fun ideas for the future of beds.

1.    Future Capsule or Pod Beds that are Smart
Though the capsule bed has already been seen in futuristic movies and in some designer's collections, we are now seeing this type of bed getting more recognition. Future capsule or pod beds will create a surrounding atmosphere for its occupant that includes temperature control, surround sound, and special lighting for a more peaceful sleep. Some predict that the newest capsule beds will feature implanted computer systems and will have the ability to sense the comfort level of their sleeper, to adjust the lighting, temperature, and sounds for the most relaxing sleep possible.

2.    A Wave of Massage
We have all heard of the massage bed that you put a quarter in and get a little rumbling action from, but what if your next bed had a built in wave system of massage that gently worked each muscle group and even rocked you gently to sleep? These beds feature an alarm system that naturally wakes the occupant by creating a gentle rocking motion and lighting change that helps the body to naturally awaken.

3.    Social Media Beds with Extra Entertainment
One of the latest trends in beds is leaning towards the more computer-friendly. Predictions state that future beds will have the ability to be synced with your computer or iPod so that you can surround yourself with your favorite tunes or use the built-in computer monitor to chat with friends or browse the Internet. With a built-in entertainment center, these beds are sure to make it on the scene very soon.

4.    TV in a Canopy
One of the latest predictions in beds, is the canopy style pod bed. This bed features a media screen on the top of the canopy that allows occupants to watch TV or movies and browse the Internet. The screen is built into the canopy and can be shut off to reveal a plain canopy top when sleeping.

5.    The Perfect Temperature
The future of beds seems to be building towards more interactive and personalized modes of sleeping. The latest technology allows bed designers to reach out to the more tactile sleeper. These beds have intuitive design features that allow for the bed to intelligently know when to turn down the temperature or when to turn it up. The bed creates a peaceful atmosphere that becomes exactly what the person needs without them waking up or pushing any buttons. Music and light are changed to create an ambient atmosphere that all occurs with the power of the computer technology.

6.    Magnetic Floating Beds
Even the Aireloom mattress can't compare to the Magnetic Floating Bed! Everyone has probably already seen the suspension beds that seem to be floating in midair. These beds are evolving and are now being held in place with magnetic force. Truly seeming to be floating, the beds are created from a clear acrylic material, producing an ultra-modern design. With this newest technology, this bed style is sure to be around for quite some time.

7.    Get Zipped up and Stay Warm
The Zipper bed is one of the latest futuristic accomplishments of some designers. The future predicts that this egg-shaped bed, with its zippered up covers, will be extremely popular amongst those who are always struggling over keeping the covers.

8.    Game in Bed
One of the latest trends in bedding has been for the gamer. Predictions state that gamer beds will become increasingly popular. These beds will feature built-in gaming systems with surround sound and ambient lighting that responds to the game atmosphere. Gamers can turn on the privacy blinds and adjust the lighting to feel as if they are truly in the midst of the game.

9.    Choose your Perfect Sleep Atmosphere
The atmosphere pod bed allows users to experience many different natural surroundings as they sleep. They can turn the settings to have them sleep in space, in a field of flowers, or beneath the Eiffel tower. Settings can be preloaded in the bed and new scenes can also be purchased. Whether you prefer sleeping under the stars or under a massive shade tree, each scene can be personally chosen to offer you the best sleep.

10.    Get a Blast of AC on a Summer Night
Air-conditioned beds are not a far-fetched idea any longer. The latest predictions, based on bed trends, show that future beds will feature customizable comfort zones with individual heat and air conditioning on each side. This goes far beyond mattress air flow and allows for a completely comfortable atmosphere that is based fully on the comfort level of the individual.

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