Varsity Pets Announces Release of Sports Drink Designed Just For Dogs

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Varsity Pets, an American pet products innovator and leading advocate of canine health and fitness, is excited to announce the release of Drool Fuel, the “World’s Most Advanced Canine Sports Drink.” After months of successful testing with some of the nation’s best canine athletes, the patent-pending Drool Fuel formula promises to help active dogs recover quicker from physical exercise and stay healthy and hydrated in hot summer conditions.

Drool Fuel -- A Scientifically-Designed Sports Drink For Dogs

Drool Fuel is the "World's Most Advanced Canine Sports Drink."

If we're willing to use sports drinks to help keep our own bodies healthy, then why shouldn't we use them to help keep our beloved pets healthy too?

After more than a year of research and development, Varsity Pets (, an American business whose products have been helping busy dog owners keep their canine companions fit and healthy since 2011, has announced the release of Drool Fuel, a first-of-its-kind "sports drink" supplement designed just for dogs.

Just like popular sports drinks used every day by recreational and professional athletes, Drool Fuel promises to help active dogs stay hydrated better than water alone and replenish the nutrients that canine bodies lose during exercise in hot summer conditions.

“Everyone at Varsity Pets is thrilled that we decided to make this exciting new product available to the public,” said Daniel Schulof, the company’s founder and president. “Drool Fuel has been helping competitive canine athletes and professional working dogs perform at their best for months now, but with the summer temperatures really starting to soar and with more and more dog owners appreciating the importance of providing their pups with daily physical exercise, we were really motivated to get it into a broader market as soon as possible.”

Mr. Schulof explains that Drool Fuel helps active dogs stay healthy during exercise in three distinct ways: (1) its patent-pending blend of canine essential amino acids, carbohydrates, electrolytes, and antioxidants helps replenish the nutrients that dogs use up during strenuous activity; (2) its beef flavor helps to fight deadly dehydration in dogs by encouraging drinking long before the onset of thirst; and (3) it provides an easily-digestible source of energy to keep dogs performing at their best throughout their workouts.

“Of course we recognize that the concept of a ‘sports drink for dogs’ is novel and unique,” says Mr. Schulof. “But we were willing to risk investing in Drool Fuel because of the unquestionable effectiveness of human-use sports drinks. Everyone from recreational athletes to Michael Jordan understands that these products deliver what they promise – improved hydration, optimized muscular recovery, and better overall physical performance.”

“For Varsity Pets,” he explains, “the challenge lies in helping dog owners understand that they can provide these very same health benefits to their dogs with a product like Drool Fuel.”

To help customers understand the science behind Drool Fuel, Varsity Pets has published a technical research whitepaper outlining the benefits of the formula (available here for free public download). “With citations to more than seventy-five published, peer-reviewed academic studies, we’re hopeful that our whitepaper will demonstrate to skeptical consumers that Drool Fuel really does work. It's not a gimmick, it's a proven, bona fide way to improve the experience of exercise for dogs."

Handlers for some of the world’s best canine athletes hardly seem to need convincing. “We train extensively five days a week in the deep south of Florida where dogs can easily overheat,” explains Crystal McClaran, a handler whose dog Bo holds world records in the canine sport of dock-diving. “Since using Drool Fuel, Bo and my other six dogs have recovered noticeably quicker and are always ready to go for their next day’s training.”

Whether laypeople are also willing to embrace Drool Fuel with their family pets remains to be seen, but Mr. Schulof is optimistic. “For folks like me,” he says,” who cherish our dogs and consider them to be members of our families, there’s really no reason not to give them every health and nutrition benefit that modern science reasonably will allow. If we're willing to use sports drinks to help keep our own bodies healthy, then why shouldn't we use them to help keep our beloved pets healthy too?”

New customers will receive a 25% discount on their first order of Drool Fuel if they purchase through the Varsity Pets website and use the coupon code "FUELMEUP" at check-out during the week of May 21 through May 27.

About Varsity Pets:

Varsity Pets is an American-owned company devoted to helping busy dog owners keep their canine companions fit, healthy, and happy. Their popular Varsity Ball product is the world's first 110% guaranteed indestructible dog toy -- the Varsity Ball features a unique, patent-pending design that allows dogs to be exercised without any owner involvement or interaction. Varsity Pets works closely with some of the world's best canine athletes to develop products and services that promote canine health and fitness.

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