Advance Diesel Adds New Programmers

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Premier diesel performance parts company to offer wider range of vehicle programmers.

For many years, Advance Diesel has been helping truck owners improve the results they get from their diesel engine through various performance-based products. Recently, Advance Diesel has announced adding new programmers to its line of products to more fully meet the demands of its diesel engine customers.

The SCT Programmer
The SCT programmer is just one of the new programmers now being offered by Advance Diesel. This programmer is designed to help truck owners conserve fuel and decrease the environmental impact of their truck’s engine. This is a programmer that is legal in all U.S. states, and it is actually supported by diesel and gas engines alike. It can read and clear away DTC codes, and it is very easy to install. Those who want to boost fuel economy, decrease emissions or enjoy other benefits may consider this programmer.

The Smarty Programmer
The Smarty programmer is another option now available through Advance Diesel. This is designed specifically for Cummins diesel engines in models made between 2003 and 2011. Its purpose is to drastically improve the performance of the engine based on the truck owner’s personal demands. Settings are available for towing, racing and overall power. With the use of this program, fuel consumption can decrease by up to 15 percent, the throttle response can be improved, and the truck owner may benefit from an increase in RPMs. It is designed to be easy to use and simply hooks right up to the dash for immediate benefits. There are currently 10 different programs available for truck owners to choose from, and upgrades are available regularly so that truck owners can continue to benefit from the Smarty programmer.

The Right Programmer
These are just two of many programmers available through Advance Diesel, and the company also offers other diesel engine performance-enhancing products and devices. Those who are interested in taking the performance of their truck to the next level should spend time reviewing the different products available from Advance Diesel today. Because each product works in unique ways and offers different benefits, truck owners may ask for custom advice from the company’s staff. The staff members are happy to assist customers with the selection of products that are designed for their specific engine type and that will help them to meet their needs for power, fuel economy and more.

Those who have purchased a vehicle with a diesel engine may have made their buying decision based in large part on the perceived power or performance capabilities of this type of engine. There are various types of diesel engines, however, and different vehicle owners have different needs and demands for power, fuel economy, and overall performance. Some may be using their vehicle for work purposes, such as for towing, while others simply want their personal truck to perform better on the road as they drive around town.


Modern trucks have some of the most powerful engines available today, but the engines can be enhanced with the right products and tools. Advance Diesel specializes in helping truck owners get more out of their vehicle’s performance, and it understands that the needs and demands that truck owners have will vary from person to person and vehicle to vehicle. Truck owners can spend a few minutes learning more about the different products available through Advance Diesel through their website today, and they can contact the company directly for assistance with their purchase. The company is available to help customers by phone at 866-213-0442.

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