Horne's Mosquito Control for Summer Months

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Mosquitoes can put a damper on the summer time, but Horne’s Pest Control Company offers information and advice for dealing with the biting pest.

Mosquitoes are always an issue in the summer months, and in some ways seem to be getting worse. Some entomologists believe, that as a result of global warming, diseases carried by insects will continue to increase. It is believed that since the beginning of time - mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other cause. Even today, Malaria infects about 250 million people annually with more than a million cases resulting in death. West Nile Virus outbreaks appear to be happening with more frequency and its spread is directly linked to mosquitoes.

Understanding basic mosquito biology and habits have led to new found successes in the area of mosquito control. There are about 175 species found in the US. They need water to breed and go from egg to adult in 5-14 days. It does not need to be a great deal of water - old tires, abandoned buckets or bird feeders, etc. Females lay up to 300 eggs at a time and lay eggs three times during their life. The mosquito life span is usually less than two months and males often only live 10 days or less. Mosquitoes mainly feed on plant and fruit nectar, but the female needs protein from blood in order to lay eggs. Male mosquitoes do not bite people. Most mosquitoes cannot fly very far (1-3 miles) nor very fast (1-1.5 mph) and as a result, most mosquitoes will remain within a several hundred feet of their breeding ground and where they hatched. Mosquitoes can generally detect a host from a distance of about 100 feet or less. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans’ exhale, lactic acid and octenol in breath and sweat, and the heat and humidity that surround bodies. It is often preferred to wear lighter colored clothing due to the fact that they hold less heat than darker colored.

There are many control remedies for mosquitoes such as: repellents, dryer sheets, vitamin B, candles, bug lights, etc. Most of these have either been proven ineffective, to marginally effective by the CDC.

Mosquito elimination can be effectively accomplished through a multistep process. First, emptying any items that are holding water and applying larvacide to any large body of standing water in which mosquitoes can breed and larvae survive. Second, applying a liquid insecticide to the low shrub and grassy areas in which the mosquitoes might seek shelter from the heat of the day. It is also important to provide this treatment during the heat of the day when most of the mosquitoes are resting. Third, apply a mosquito treatment to the bottom of the plant leaves that mosquitoes feed on. This three-step process, when done properly by a trained exterminator, will provide excellent control around your home for several weeks. The adults are killed where they rest and feed; the larvae are killed where they live. Since mosquitoes will not generally travel more than a few hundred feet and can only detect a human from up to a 100 feet away, a proper application in and around a home’s landscape will be very effective. Be selective when calling an exterminator. The professionals at Horne’s Pest Control have won the Columbia County’s Best Exterminator Award for the past three years. They have earned the trust of the customers in the area and hold a reputation for their excellent service.

The spring rain can make homes a breeding ground for the summer. Horne’s Pest Control specializes in Mosquito control services to rid yards of invading pests. It is generally about $250 and comes with a four month service period. Generally re-applications will need to be performed every four to six weeks. At the end of the initial service period, customers have the option to extend it another two months for half price. Protect children, pets, and the home this summer from harmful mosquitoes. For more information on how to keep away pests and diseases this summer, give Horne’s a call at 888-467-6378 or visit their website at http://hornespestcontrol.com/.

About the company:
Horne’s Pest Control offers pest control solutions that combine the most advanced chemistry and targeted treatments in three protective layers. They take the pest control battle directly to a home’s four defensive zones: exterior, attic, crawl space and interior. This pest control method stops a pest invasion at all possible entry points.

Hornes Pest Control also uses a comprehensive approach to termite control. Exterra termite baiting canisters are placed around the home to target and eliminate foraging termites. Termidor, the most effective liquid termiticide, is placed around the home’s foundation to prevent and kill termites entering the structure. Premise, the most effective termite gel bait on the market, is injected into the infested timbers of a home to begin eliminating termites immediately. Horne’s Pest Control also has the most comprehensive damage repair warranty in Augusta, GA and Aiken, SC so homeowners can rest assured that their home is protected.

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