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As summer approaches, summer vacation planning is underway. has developed a list of safety tips and hints to keep RV travelers safe.

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Motorhome safety is not rocket science, it’s just plain common sense., the number one RV purchaser and consignment RV sales in the nation, has developed a list of safety tips for those planning their summer vacations in a recreational vehicle. While there is no better way to travel than in an RV, the fun can be spoiled in the blink of an eye if certain safety precautions are not taken.

Remember to Buckle Up: There is a lot of wandering room in a motorhome. Nevertheless, all passengers are required to wear seatbelts while the coach is in motion. Even though RV travel is extremely comfortable, it is important to remember that they are still moving vehicles, subject to accidents. Wearing a seatbelt may make the difference between walking away from a crash or being hauled away in an ambulance. If your motorhome is semi-modern, it will most likely be equipped with seatbelts. If not, they can be installed at many RV dealer shops or service facilities.

Refrain From Leaving Valuables In Your Motorhome: While traveling, it is sometimes easy to think that you are exempt from being victimized by malicious acts because you are relaxed, on vacation. It is actually a fact that tourists are one of the most sought out targets for thieves, as they know that travelers tend to let their guard down. If you have anything of value or import, be sure to take it with you when you park your RV. No matter what the design is of your motorhome, thieves are capable of breaking and entering. Also, be sure to lock and secure your motorhome while sleeping during the night. It is just an extra step to protect you and your family.

Exercise Fire Safety: If you choose to smoke in your motorhome, remember to use ashtrays. Never leave a lit cigarette on a table or flat surface where it could roll onto furniture. Never fall asleep with a cigarette still burning. Needless to say, if you are going to smoke, it is always much wiser to do so outside of the coach to avoid any possibility of fire hazards. Also, if you build a campfire next to the motorhome, it is a good idea to keep doors and windows closed so that burning embers cannot drift into the coach and cause a fire. When cooking in the coach, be sure that all burners are turned off before leaving the kitchen, and be sure not to get distracted while food is cooking.

Crossing Borders: Remember that if you are entering or exiting either Mexico or Canada, see to it that all laws are being obeyed, and that there are no illegal substances on board. As a guest of other countries, you and your vehicle are subject to search as you enter. These border crossings exercise “Zero Tolerance” policies. If any illegal drugs are discovered in the motorhome, you can be criminally charged and the coach, along with all assets in the vehicle, can be seized.

Swing Clearance: Always be aware of the overhang past the rear wheels. You should know how much distance is required to clear this overhang and not strike anything as your turn.

Backing Up: No matter how skilled or experienced the driver of a motorhome is, it’s always a good safety practice to have someone stand at the driver side rear corner to guide the driver while backing up. There are so many obstacles that could cause problems when operating a motorhome in reverse, that an extra set of eyes is very helpful.

Overhead Clearance: It is imperative that the driver of an RV be very familiar with how high the clearance allotted for that vehicle is. Great care must be taken when pulling under gasoline station canopies, building overhangs, bridges, tree branches, fast food restaurant drive-thru lanes, etc.

Gerard Pedata of said, “Motorhome safety is not rocket science, it’s just plain common sense. You are driving a bigger vehicle than the family car; so more precautions have to be taken. You need to drive a little slower and be a little more vigilant about backing up and driving under structures.” is a website run by one of the largest RV buyers in the country devoted to one thing: purchasing used RVs quickly and efficiently. is not just another of the many consignment RV dealers; they’re professional RV buyers specializing in buying late model recreational vehicles and motorhomes including: Class A, Class B, Class C, Diesel Pushers, etc. If you have ever considered consignment RV sales, visit and learn the best way to get the sale done quickly and hassle free.

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