"Mad As Hell" News Anchor Character in 'Network' Would Face Even Madder Audience Today Says Author Richard Wanderer

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Richard Wanderer, author of The Holiday Party (A Tale of a Corporate Takeover) commented today on 'Network' news character, Howard Beale, and the audience reaction in today's world. He comments on this today in response to a recent Bill Moyers broadcast where he delivers an essay entitled "The United States of Inequality."

Fictional Suspense Novel Genre

THE HOLIDAY PARTY (A Tale of a Corporate Takeover)

A sharply observed saga of workplace tyranny

Richard Wanderer, author of the critically acclaimed novel, The Holiday Party (A Tale of a Corporate Takeover) http://www.theholidayparty-ataleofacorporatetakeover.com commented today on Paddy Chayefsky's Howard Beale news anchor, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore" character in the 1976 Academy Award winning movie, 'Network'. Wanderer believes with today's prevalence of corporate greed - this fictional character would have attracted an even madder American audience today - 37 years later. Richard comments on this news character today in light of a recent broadcast from Bill Moyers, an American journalist and public commentator, regarding the inequality in the United States.

In 'Network', the 1976 film, a falling ratings network news anchor becomes a unique voice of the people denouncing the problems of that time (many of which are still prevalent): people out of work, inflation, crime, air unfit to breathe, etc.; he implores them to no longer be complacent about these ills.

He says, "... I want you to get MAD! ... You've got to say, 'I'm a human being ...! My life has value!'" He then implores his audience to open up their windows and shout out, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore." In the movie, people across the country follow him and his TV ratings soar.

In a recent broadcast, Bill Moyers delivered his essay entitled, "The United States of Inequality." Mr. Moyers cites among other things: $1.7 trillion dollars in corporate profits as the stock market zooms to record highs. It is often as a result of letting workers go, not hiring new people as unemployment continues at record highs and not giving more money to its current employees that these profits can come about.

American corporations shelter 90 billion dollars in off-shore tax shelters which small businesses and workers have to make up in taxes. The Congressional lobbying of the top 1% against tax increases forcing instead sequestration which will ultimately cut back on benefits to the elderly, the poor and veterans. Mr. Moyers also concludes there is an erosion of America's middle class.

Richard Wanderer states, "How many homeowners have seen the value of their homes decrease as a result of Wall Street playing with the rash of securities bundled under overvalued mortgages?" Do not forget, he believes, as a result of this great recession and terrible unemployment caused by the aforementioned action, how interest rates are now so low fixed income seniors can't gain any income from what were once profitable and safe investments, i.e., cds. It would certainly seem these are the type of frustrations that even madder Americans could open up their windows and shout out, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore."

Wanderer's fictional suspense novel, The Holiday Party (A Tale of a Corporate Takeover) was inspired by his anger at corporate greed and injustice. Richard Wanderer, author, and a member of the California Bar, spent over fifty years working in the advertising sales departments of major national magazines in New York City and Los Angeles. His characters and situations are often an amalgamation of scenarios he encountered over the years and his active imagination. In the 1960s, he actually called on Real Mad Men of Madison Avenue.


About Richard Wanderer's Novel:

Richard Wanderer's fictional suspense novel, The Holiday Party (A Tale of a Corporate Takeover http://www.theholidayparty-ataleofacorporatetakeover.com deals with the takeover of a family owned national magazine, Gladstone, run in an employee friendly manner, by a huge media conglomerate that installs a Draconian thrift regime to benefit their corporate profits. The loyal employees of the once family owned magazine, whose efforts built the magazine into an attractive takeover target, suddenly find their lives have changed for the worse as chaos reigns in this fictional suspense novel. Loyal and competent employees are immediately escorted out the door because in the eyes of the penny pinching conglomerate they make too much money. His novel has received very strong reviews: Kirkus Reviews calls it, "A sharply observed saga of workplace tyranny"; San Francisco Book Review, "Page-turner"; MidwestBook Review, "Highly recommended"; Bookviews by Alan Caruba, "Leaps off its pages". Published by Two Harbors Press, the novel is in softcover and also available on Kindle and Nook.

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