Latest European Discovery in Chronic Back Pain Suggests Antibiotic Therapy Instead of Surgery

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Alternative Pain Management Specialist Dr. Stuart Weg at Patients Medical Has Been Successfully Treating Pain Patients with an Antibiotic Anti-Infective Protocol for Decades Prior to Guardian Article.

Stuart Weg, MD Alternative Pain Specialist Using Anti-Infective Therapy to Relieve Chronic Pain

Stuart Weg, MD Has Been Using Anti-Infective Therapys to Relieve Chronic Pain for Decades in NYC

...this is not really a ‘new’ idea. [I have been] helping patients with chronic pain using this method for decades...

Patients Medical, a leading integrative medical center in New York, announced that this month’s breaking European medical news, as published in The Guardian, “Antibiotics Cure Back Pain Patients”, is not only in agreement with their current protocols, but has been in use decades prior to the article’s publish date. Alternative Pain Management Specialist and medical pioneer, Dr. Stuart Weg, created an anti-infective protocol over eighteen years ago for his chronic pain patients using the same approach just recently “discovered” by Danish doctors. This protocol includes the original idea that some types of common chronic pain stems from bacterial infections and can be treated with a course of antibiotics and other antibacterial methods that he employs in tandem or instead of antibiotics.

“I am very happy that they have been able to spread the word about this in the UK,” says Dr. Weg. “But this is not really a ‘new’ idea. Not only have I been helping patients with chronic pain using this method for decades, but I also documented the information, presented it at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pain Management and published these very ideas in Anesthesiology News in 1995.”

Dr. Weg has lectured about his methodology across the country, focusing his medical practice in the New York Metropolitan area. Currently on staff at Patients Medical in New York City, he is working with a team of doctors who refer all of their chronic pain patients to him and see them treated with nearly miraculous results, eliminating their long-standing pain issues and freeing them up to get back to their lives and be active again – some after years of debilitating pain.

“We refer all types of chronic pain cases to Dr. Weg: back pain, neck pain, knee and hip pain – really any type of chronic pain. We are very happy to have him on staff, here. He is a true asset to our patients. There has been talk of the doctors in Europe being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. But I really think it should go to Dr. Weg, as he invented this concept decades ago,” muses Dr. Rashmi Gulati, Medical Director of Patients Medical.

Taking an individualized approach to each patient is key, according to Dr. Weg. “If you’re in pain, you can’t just start taking antibiotics and hope it will work,” the doctor warns. “It doesn’t work that way. First, we must determine the ‘root cause’ of the pain with diagnostics and a detailed medical history. Then we determine the best way to resolve the infection. That may be antibiotics. But the protocol may also include Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Auto Vaccinations with UV Blood Therapy, anti-fungal protocols, nutrition therapy, nutritional supplements or probiotics. It really depends on the patient’s needs.”

Stuart Weg, MD is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and was one of the first to be certified in Pain Management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. He has 30 years of experience in Pain Management. Through innovations and discoveries over these years, he evolved from mainstream medical treatment options to the anti-infective protocol that was described in The Guardian by the Danish scientists.

Dr. Weg received his medical degree from the University of Monterrey, completed an internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and an Anesthesia Residency at Beth Israel Hospital Medical Center with the New York Mount Sinai Medical School. He trained in Invasive Pain Management under the Chair of Anesthesiology at Texas Tech University. He has done presentations for the American Osteopathic Association, the American Academy of Pain Management, the International Oxidative Medicine Conference, Hadassah Hospital in Israel and the New York Interstitial Cystitis Society. He has been a guest speaker on the AOL Chronic Pain Forum and at the University of South Carolina.

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