HTTPS Proxy List Released By idcloak Technologies

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A new wing of idcloak’s free proxy servers list is launched: an extensive collection of SSL proxies that deliver connection security and allow censored internet users to open blocked sites.

HTTPS proxy

HTTPS proxy encrypts browser Internet traffic

When a proxy user has the option of encrypting their connection to the proxy server, they open up a whole new application for proxy surfing

idcloak Technologies this week adds over 1000 HTTPS proxies to its proxy list. The HTTPS proxy list offers the IP addresses and port numbers of open-access proxies in different countries around the world. Once the address of a proxy is applied to a user’s browser, all internet activity can be routed to that remote location. Multiple applications exist for this kind of web rerouting, covering everything from censorship bypassing to web anonymity; while travelers use proxies to keep their internet experience as it was back home. HTTPS proxies are different only in that they offer a layer of encryption over the rerouting process so that proxy surfing can be conducted in private.

Gill-Chris Welles, principal tech security writer and Director of Marketing at idcloak, explains why the addition of SSL proxies brings an important new dimension to the idcloak proxy database, “When a proxy user has the option of encrypting their connection to the proxy server, they open up a whole new application for proxy surfing: internet security. If you are accessing the internet on a particularly untrusted connection, say in a run-down border café in an economically-challenged country, an SSL proxy will shield your browsing from local Man-in-the-middle hacks or packet sniff snooping. Such attacks are actually a very real danger in any country nowadays: there exist free mobile hacking apps which allow unskilled cybersnoops to piggy-back into other users Facebook account simply by sharing the same WiFi. Not even Facebook’s own HTTPS connection is effective against the best of these programs. Accessing an HTTPS proxy is a quick and free way to thwart these kinds of attack.”

The HTTPS proxy list adds value to traditional uses for proxies – especially internet censorship bypassing. “When netizens in a censored country use a proxy to open blocked sites on a restricted connection, the content filters can see what is happening and shut down access to the proxy very quickly. But if the user employs an HTTPS proxy to SSL unblock the site, it is much harder for the content filters to detect the bypass. This makes HTTPS proxies extremely valuable to anyone needing to circumvent censorship online.”

For more information on the varying applications of proxy technologies, idcloak’s Knowledge Centre offers a database of articles for educational purposes and a Forum for discussion and advice on proxy-related issues. idcloak Technologies is a US web services firm that supports user freedom, privacy and safety on the web.

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