Scott Tischler of Tischler Brothers Fitness unveils the fastest weight loss program for this summer

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Scott Tischler of Tischler Brothers Fitness unveils the fastest weight loss program for this summer.

Troy Tischler at 208lbs with Scott Tischler

Scott Tischler has been involved with health and fitness his entire life. Scott Tischler played basketball and track in college. Mr. Tischler also won vertical leap for the nation through the YMCA in 1993 and won a National Championship in Karate in 1997. Scott Tischler enjoys helping others meet and exceed their fitness goals.

Scott wanted to help his brother Troy Tischler accomplish his goal of losing 100 lbs in 90 days. The first week Troy lost 21lbs. He was amazed at how five little tips would change his life and his body.

The second week he lost 18lbs. His girlfriend started noticing the weight melting off his body. All his friends would remark how his face was skinnier and his clothes were starting to hang off him like rags. In the first 30 days Troy lost 53lbs.

These five tips will transform your body and your mind:

Tip 1. Take Pictures - Now this may sound lame, or silly. Once a week take a progress picture. Scott Tischer says the scale can lie, but pictures can not lie. You will see progress in first two weeks! Take pictures at least once a week! It works.

Tip 2. Eat more, not less- The biggest misconception out there is you need to "Diet". Diets simply do not work. If you diet your body goes into starvation mode and your body will store the fat because it thinks it is starving. Now eating more does not mean more cupcakes and candy bars. You need to eat the right things. Its pretty basic. No sugar(this includes alcohol), no white bread or pasta's and the right types of fat. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are the main problems in the food out there. If you follow Scott Tischler's simple diet of clean protein and white rice or pasta's you will melt the fat off. Scott also has some amazing shakes that taste like ice cream and are still healthy. He has some of them on his blog If you eat 6-8 clean meals a day and the fat will melt away.

Tip 3. Heart Rate. Most people dread Cardio. Scott designed a version of the H.I.I.T(High Intensity Interval Training), but he put his spin on it of course. The secret to H.I.I.T is you get your heart rate up real fast, take a break, then repeat. This burns fat faster then traditional cardio. Scott Tischler's program will have you at 100% speed for 15 seconds in the beginning with a 30 second break, then repeat only 5 times. Eventually you will do 45 seconds at 100% 6 exercises in a row with no break, then repeat 2-6 times. If you start even at 10 seconds at 100% then rest even 40 and repeat 5 times the first time, that will kick start your metabolism to melt the fat off!

Tip 4. Evolution training. This is Scott's spin on what some people call "muscle confusion." The difference is Scott changes his routine every other week. For example two weeks you will do 20 reps 5 sets and 5 exercises per body part. Two weeks later you will do 5 reps 6 sets and 6 exercises per body part. Then the next work out is 50 reps 2 sets 2 exercise per body part. And on and on and on. Your body will never adapt, so it will have to evolve by dropping the fat.

Tip 5. Take pictures of your food, all of it. Scott Ryan Tischler says take pictures of all the food you eat and post it to facebook, or to text it too a supportive frieind. The next time you want to eat a candy bar, or drink a soda, just think of posting it on your facebook account. Believe it or not, it seems silly, it really works. We now have a Facebook account where you can post your pictures of your food.

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