Embrace Home Loans Raises Funds for Compassion Without Borders

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Senior Loan Officer and Embrace Home Loans VP commits to donation of $100 per dog with every closed home loan to benefit homeless dogs through Compassion Without Border. Embrace to match contribution up to $7000 per year.

At first glance, it might seem an odd choice for Mehdi Pirzadeh, Senior Loan Officer and Vice President with Embrace Home Loans. After all, he had already raised a considerable sum for a variety of charities including World Vision where he sponsored a child in Africa for every loan he closed up to 100 children. And, while in the long run that program was unsustainable, when all was said and done, Pirzadeh donated $45,000 in total. His generosity, and that of Embrace and its employees has raised some 25 million dollars since 1996 holding some 500 fundraisers. To celebrate his career milestone of 1 billion in loan volume, Embrace, in conjunction with Wide Horizons for Children, honored Pirzadeh by naming the Pediatric Ward at the Adwa Clinic in Ethiopia after him.

He first noticed a number of stray malnourished dogs as he drove from Ciudad Del Carmen to Campeche, Mexico for the wedding of a cousin. “Driving through the smaller towns I noticed more and more of these extremely thin strays. This prompted me to ask questions.” Pirzadeh turned to the web to get a better understanding of the magnitude of the problem. After further inquiry he learned that there was an estimated 6 million street dogs in Mexico City alone with over 20,000 killed each month from overpopulation. It was at this same time that he discovered Compassion Without Borders, a grass roots charity founded by Santa Rosa, CA resident Dr. Christi Camblor in 2001.

Dr. Camblor describes what is a bleak and unimaginable cycle of despair for these animals. “Stray dogs roam the streets struggling to survive, suffering from preventable diseases, starvation, neglect and breeding freely which, in turn, causes the problem to increase exponentially with each litter. There are very few shelters for these animals and the primary solution to overpopulation of street dogs in Mexico is for the Mexican government to round them up, house them in animal control centers that are generally in very poor conditions, and to kill them - typically by electrocution.” Compassion Without Borders is working to change this through their humane euthanasia project.

After speaking with Dr. Camblor, understanding the magnitude of the problem, and hearing her passion for this cause, Pirzadeh knew this was the organization through which he could help make a difference. Dr. Camblor describes the unique mission of Compassion Without Borders on the organization’s website: “our focus is to alleviate the suffering of unwanted companion animals in Mexico and other low resource regions through a multifaceted approach which includes international rescue efforts, extensive spay/neuter campaigns, humane euthanasia and human education.”

Here’s how the fund would work. For every loan that Pirzadeh closes, he will donate $100 to Compassion Without Borders. Embrace will match every contribution up to $7,000 per year. Pirzadeh closed 433 loans in 2012. “My goal is to increase awareness of the problem and inspire my clients.” Pirzadeh, a dog owner himself – he has a 13-year-old German shorthaired pointer – says that he would like to see the program go on indefinitely. “Compassion Without Borders is made up almost entirely of volunteers. As long as I feel we can have an impact, we will run the campaign.”

Dr Camblor is excited and thankful for the opportunity. "I am very grateful to Mehdi for having not only enormous compassion and empathy for the animals of Mexico, but also for his impressive commitment to finding solutions to the problem. He clearly cares deeply about the animals and with this creative support program he will enable us to reach more animals than ever and have a profound impact upon thousands of dogs who struggle each day to survive south of the border."

Each of Pirzadeh’s customers will receive a welcome packet from Compassion Without Borders that includes literature about the program, a “Rescue Dog Sponsor Certificate” and a cover letter explaining how the $100 donation will be used. Pirzadeh sums up, what at first might appear to be unusual cause this way: “generally speaking, the conditions that these dogs live in will break your heart. The problem is huge. We can’t solve it overnight, but after seeing many of these dogs with my own two eyes I could not stand by and do nothing. As with many people I know, dogs bring so much joy to our lives as well as serving many functions in our society. These suffering animals live in our neighboring country. We must do our part to help them.”

ABOUT Embrace Home Loans

Founded in 1983, Embrace Home Loans is a direct lender for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, approved by FHA and VA, and is an issuer for Ginnie Mae. A member of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America (MBA), Embrace Home Loans is an Equal Housing Lender and an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, Embrace Home Loans has been recognized for its excellence in the workplace and devotion to community service through numerous local and national awards, reflecting the lender’s commitment to its strong values and outstanding service. Embrace Home Loans is a national lender helping hundreds of thousands customers to date. To learn more about Embrace Home Loans visit http://www.embracehomeloans.com.

ABOUT Compassion Without Borders

Founded in 2001, Compassion without Borders is a grassroots 501-C3 non-profit organization that works to bring about assistance to the animals of Mexico and other underserved communities in California through access to free veterinary care &spay and neuter, humane education and outreach programs, international and local rescue efforts, and humane euthanasia programs. To learn more about Compassion Without Borders visit cwob.org.

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