Tips to Avoid Plumbing Disasters

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H&H Plumbing offers Arizona residents tips to avoid common plumbing blunders.

Homeowners may be doing more harm than good when they try to fix plumbing problems without the assistance of a professional. Many people are inclined to try to fix problems without calling a trained professional thinking they can save time and money. However, plumbing problems can be complicated and amateur repair jobs may be more costly in the long run. Follow these tips to prevent plumbing nightmares.

1. Use common sense – Drains and garbage disposals are not trash cans. The day after a major holiday is typically the busiest time for plumbers. Large crowds with subsequently large meals result in everything from turkey bones to potato skins being thrown in the disposal. Even if the manual says that a disposal will effectively grind a golf ball, use caution when throwing items into the sink. Disposals were created to catch food remnants from dishes, not to dissolve full meals. When in doubt, use the trash.

2. If commercial chemicals don’t unclog the drain the first time, call a professional! Chemical drain cleaners are great when a drainage problem is related to a hair build up or too much food down the drain, but many things may cause a clog. Those harsh chemicals can do more harm than good with repeated and frequent use.

3. The toilet is not a trash can either – Much like a disposal, the toilet isn’t designed to dispose of anything but human waste. Don’t risk a clogged toilet by putting items inside of it that could have easily gone in the trash can.

4. Be careful what goes in the laundry – A washing machine has a filter to catch various particles on clothing but it is not designed for major overloads of hair, dirt, or debris. Use caution when washing pet items, heavily soiled items, or rubber-backed rugs. Clean or shake off items before placing them in the washing machine to prevent clogs or more extensive damage.

5. Don’t ignore signs of issues – Leaky faucets, running toilets, or a disposal that just doesn’t sound right can be the first sign of a major issue. Have small problems fixed before they turn into major issues.

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