Rooted Tree Services Spreads Tree Awareness Tips to Keep Local Communities Safe from Damages Caused by Dying or Diseased Trees

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Local communities can keep landscapes and properties safe by following five tips to protect against damages caused by dying or diseased trees in celebration of Summer Safety Day, May 28.

Pruning your trees to remove the dead or diseased branches will help keep those branches strong for a better chance at withstanding pounding rain, hail, snow and heavy winds

Rooted Tree Services today advises local residents on five tips to follow to keep their trees healthy to avoid dangerous accidents and costly property damages caused by dying or diseased trees. Business Review, after reviewing hundreds of local Oakville, Mississauga and Etobicoke businesses, names Rooted Tree Services as a top contributor to health and growth of community sceneries and recreational landscapes.

Protect your landscapes and property safe by following these five tips:

1. Fertilize your Tree
A deep root fertilization program, or a deep feeding program as it is also called, is a great method to use for fertilizing your tree. It will slowly release the nitrogen that ensures trees get the nutrients they require over a course of 2 -3 years to ensure your trees grown strong and healthy.

2. Protect your Tree's Critical Root Zone (CRZ)
Become familiar with your tree’s CRZ or tree protection zone. Generally, the CRZ is the area under the tree and out to the dripline. Improving these conditions in your tree’s protection zone is also a major health benefit that can keep your trees healthy and thriving.

3. Mulch Your Tree
One of the most beneficial thing you can do for your tree to inspire healthy growth is mulching. Mulches are composed of materials placed on the soil surface to improve soil structure, oxygen levels, and temperature and moisture availability. Mulch, if properly applied, will create a well taken care of and groomed landscape.

4. Prune Your Tree
To further develop your tree with a strong structure and a desirable form, pruning is an essential task. Pruning your tree will remove dead, damaged and diseased branches that will help prevent against those pesky insects and decay from infesting your tree.

5. Storm Proof Your Tree
“Although there is no 100 % proof positive way to protect your tree from the elements, you can take some preventative measures,” says Peter Crawford of Rooted Tree Services. “Pruning your trees to remove the dead or diseased branches will help keep those branches strong for a better chance at withstanding pounding rain, hail, snow and heavy winds.” Remove trees that you have noticed have large cracks or root damage or remove branches that you noticed have rot in them. Also, advise your power company if you notice any branches interfering with any power lines.

In business for over 43 years, Rooted Tree Services is a leading Ontario based arborist tree service, working with homeowners, businesses, insurance companies and property managers to ensure the safety, health, maintenance and removal of trees and shrubs. Our commitment to quality ensures that you not only enjoy the latest knowledge and equipment, but that every job is completed safely, on time and that each site is cleaned up. Further information and a free quote can be found by visiting:

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