NOVA Medical Centers Set to Begin 24/7 Pre-Employment Drug Testing

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Convenient drug testing services offered on-site and at NOVA branch locations

In today’s business environment, it is imperative for companies to know more about potential new hires before they extend an offer of employment to them. The fact is that if employees are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work, it affects their overall performance on the job. Customer service, productivity, and other areas can be negatively affected. In some cases, they are so negatively affected that the company is at risk of losing money, of facing legal action, and more. Finding a way to eliminate the incidence of workplace drug and alcohol use is imperative, and NOVA Medical Centers offers employers a convenient method of sidestepping the problem: pre-employment drug testing. To that end, NOVA Medical Centers has recently announced 24-hour drug screening services.

Around-the-Clock Service
NOVA Medical Centers is the only medical center that is entirely devoted to occupational medicine services. The company offers over two dozen locations in Texas, and new offices opening in Georgia and Tennessee soon. The company offers pre-employment drug testing services at each of these branch locations, but it has recently announced 24-hour service at the company’s own facility. When potential new hires know that they are about to go in for a drug or alcohol test, they may delay their appointment for a few days to clean out their system. They may schedule an appointment for the drug screening farther out and make an effort to stay clean during that time. However, with on-site, 24-hour screening, the screening can be completed while the potential new hire is in the hiring manager's office during the final stage of interviews. The new hire must consent to the drug and alcohol screening, but when it is performed on-site, it gives the potential new hire no time to prepare.

Fast Results
In addition to providing employers with a far more effective way to screen potential new hires for drug and alcohol use, NOVA Medical Centers also offers fast processing of the test results coupled with web-based reporting. No company wants to wait around for several days or longer to formally extend an offer of employment or for a potential new hire to begin work. Because NOVA Medical Centers providers a fast testing process coupled with fast, web-based reporting in real-time, employers will have the answers they seek very quickly. This can minimize the risk of a potential new hire being hired by another company while the test results are processed, and can get the company’s office staffed more quickly.

Other Services
NOVA Medical Centers also offers other important services that employers can put to use. For example, it offers travel vaccinations, pre-employment physicals and health checks, an emergency triage phone number, and other related services. Some services may be used for the employer's benefit, and others may be beneficial to the employee. The company also works with some of the largest insurance companies in the country as an additional service.

Companies that have been struggling to find a better way to walk through the drug and alcohol screening process during the hiring stage should consider contacting NOVA Medical Centers today to learn more about the services available. This company can be an employer’s best medical resource and ally.


NOVA Medical Centers offers a wide range of occupational medical services that can be used by employers and for employees. Those interested in learning more about the company’s services can contact NOVA Medical Centers by phone at 713-681-9100, or they can visit the website at

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