Excalibur Exhibits Announce Latest Custom Exhibit Design Services

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Houston area exhibit design company to offer even more customization.

At trade and convention shows, a company's exhibit must instantly capture the attention of attendees as they walk by. In many cases, passersby will make a split-second decision about whether to stop and visit a particular exhibit or to keep on walking. An exhibit must be eye-catching and unique, but it also must be appealing and inviting in some way. It should intrigue passersby so that they stop by the exhibit to see what it is about. When this initial impact is not made by the exhibit's design, the company's presence at the trade or convention show may be ineffective. For many years, Excalibur Exhibits has been creating exhibits that attract an audience's attention, and the company has recently announced new custom exhibit design services.

A Full Sensory Experience
The best exhibit designs are those that instantly draw the attention of attendees, but they also offer a full sensory experience. These are not flat, banal exhibits; instead, they are three-dimensional designs that envelop attendees in a number of ways. Excalibur Exhibits's custom exhibit design invites attendees to step inside and experience what a company has to offer. By entering the exhibit space, attendees may be surrounded from floor to ceiling by the exhibit. The flooring, lighting, walls and other features may have a certain ambiance that establishes the tone that the company wants to convey. For example, this tone may be cutting edge, modern, innovative, traditional, exotic, or something else altogether.

Multi-Media Solutions
Of course, it is not enough to simply have an eye-catching design. Once attendees have been drawn into the exhibit space, the exhibit must go the extra step and inform attendees about the products or services that are being offered. Excalibur Exhibits' custom exhibit designs may include multi-media solutions that are interactive in nature, and these solutions can highlight selling points, benefits, special features, and more about a product or service. The best exhibits are those that engage attendees in an interactive way so that they physically become a part of the exhibit through their actions.

When a company works with Excalibur Exhibits, the company can create a wonderful design that is highly effective at producing desired results at a trade show or convention. However, this is a design that will most likely need to be used at various conventions and trade shows. Each trade show or convention may have specific requirements that an exhibit must meet, and because of this, the best design is one that is scalable based on the show's specifications and requirements. Excalibur Exhibits can work with customers to develop designs that are both highly effective and scalable. This is the ideal way to ensure that a custom exhibit design is cost-effective and ideal for a company's needs.

The best exhibits at today's trade shows and conventions are those that have been customized by top exhibit design firms like Excalibur Exhibits. When companies want to take that extra step to ensure that they enjoy the best results from their presence at these events, they want to work with Excalibur Exhibits to create a customized exhibit. These are exhibits that will get the company the attention it wants from those attending a trade show or convention, and they may be scalable for use at various conventions and trade shows.


Excalibur Exhibits is a full-service trade show and event marketing firm. Their award-winning custom trade show display design continues to impress Houston area companies. Those who are interested in learning more about customized exhibits for trade shows and conventions should contact Excalibur Exhibits at (713) 856-8853.

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