Cells4Cheap Is Capitilizing on Market Trends

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An Up and coming communications company is gaining market share through their no hassle, simple approach to the cell phone and smart phone consumer.

"Cells4Cheap is a company that specializes in refurbished smart phones and cell phones. Based out of Rochester New York, Cells4Cheap has been steadily building a reputation for offering outstanding products at a substantial discount. Offering a hassle free, pleasant sales experience every time is 100% guaranteed along with our products. Shop for Non-Data Plan Cell Phones and Smart Phones with confidence. Cell4Cheap can be reached at (585) - 727 - 6637."

Taken directly from their site, the above is an eloquently-put run down of what this business has to offer. In business going on for 4 years now, they started as a small mixture of both digital camera sales and basic cells phones. Adapting to certain market indicators that pointed towards steady, rapid growth in the world of smart phones and cells phones, Cells4Cheap has transformed itself into a strictly mobile phone company. Offering a variety of cell phones and smart phones at prices far less than what you would come to expect to pay at your local retailer, they are catching consumers' attention.

They offer their devices with no contractual obligation. In the world of communications, the larger companies such as Verizon, Sprint, At&t, TMobile and the like are and have been requiring contracts for a number of years now. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated; they're catching on to the fact that they can buy a device second hand and still keep their plan without getting locked in for another 2 years with penalties for ending their contract early. This means no more, "Upgrade Fees" and expensive $300+ fees to exit your service provider's contract. Going month to month is the new way to keep in touch with family and friends, allowing you flexibility and saving you money.

Cells4Cheap has recognized an opportunity to essentially rescue consumers from grips of the Titans of the industry. Cells4Cheap's President & Owner, Mike Rizzo Jr., said the following about his opinion on using your upgrade, "It's really quite simple, that shiny new Droid or Apple product they use to lure you in is merely a gimmick. They offer you a $700 phone for a fraction of retail after your rebates. The kicker is that they lock you in to another 2 year agreement and that, 'Hot New Phone' is yesterday's news only a few months later. We are gaining market share by allowing customers the opportunity to purchase a smart phone or cell phone of their liking, gently used or refurbished. They're getting the same type of phone, if not the same one they were looking at a few months earlier, for a fraction of the cost with no contractual obligation."

The President & Founder also went on to say that, "If you're patient and give the market enough time, the, 'Hot New Phone' will start showing up used and refurbished by Cells4Cheap at a fraction of what you would pay retail without getting stuck in an agreement. Cells4Cheap is a savior to consumers. Being as dependent as we are on our mobile devices, we need another one right away if it gets lost, stolen or damaged. Your service provider bares no empathy or sympathy on these circumstances unless you chose to utilize their pricey insurance plans that cost an additional monthly fee and a premium for a replacement which usually exceeds what you would pay for the same phone from Cells4Cheap. Cells4Cheap.com offers free shipping on all domestic U.S. orders."    

It's really a no brainer from the consumer's perspective; Cells4Cheap.com is the way to go. They are also proud to announce their introduction of a select number of Unlocked models. Unlocked phones are compatible with global carriers so if you're leaving the country, they've got you covered. Watch out for projected massive growth within the next five years. An intuitive, fair and honest company on the fringe of a rapidly growing communications industry expect to hear a lot more about them in the future.

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