Rebecca loses 70 lb of fat without thinking about it, announces the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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In a videoed case study released last week, Rebecca explains how she changed her behaviours using hypnotherapy for weight loss and dismissed the idea of gastric band hypnotherapy.

Rebecca after losing 5 stone

The hypnotic gastric band is a simple hypnotherapeutic technique which uses aversion and remembered feelings. It is not a therapy in its own right.

Rebecca’s weight gain story was one of portion sizes and takeaways that were too large and that made her too large. She felt as though she was out of control of her eating behaviours and that she was spiralling downwards, getting fatter and fatter.

Finally, it was at the age of 32 that she decided that enough was enough and she needed to take action. It was at this point that she looked at gastric band surgery. However, the cost was prohibitive so when she was looking at alternatives she came across gastric band hypnotherapy.

Gastric band hypnotherapy was developed at the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy back in 2004.

Since then there has been an explosion in gastric band hypnotherapy but it is not a therapy according to Paul Howard, developer of the hypnotic gastric band.

Paul Howard, Institute Director and director of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, said “The hypnotic gastric band is a simple hypnotherapeutic technique which uses aversion and remembered feelings. It is not a therapy in its own right. I now see it all over the place, claiming to be a panacea for overweight people. This is just ridiculous. In the first place it is only useful for people that only eat large portions, if they graze and snack, eat too often or eat the wrong types of food it is just dealing with a small part of the problem and that cuts out about 95% of overweight people. Secondly, it is a temporary solution at best and is easily overcome, as is an actual gastric band.

I see hypnotherapists using it as their sole weight loss programme which is frankly unethical because it is not in the best interest of the client, and not great for the profession either as it will be unsuccessful for the client.”

In Rebecca’s case her weight loss hypnotherapist decided with her that gastric band hypnotherapy was not appropriate for her as, although she did eat large portion sizes, the main problem was her behaviours around food which included poor food choices and snacking.

By using hypnotherapy for weight loss, in just 8 months Rebecca had lost 70 lb and was down to her target weight of 9 stone and in doing so she had gone from dress size 14 to a size 8. Now she feels in control and really pleased with the way she looks.

She is able to exercise and do just about anything she wants to and, most important of all, she is in control of her food to such a degree that she doesn’t need to even think about it.

Paul Howard has been practising hypnotherapy at the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Wallington, Surrey for over 11 years. He specialises in hypnotherapy for anxiety and psoriasis and is a Fellow and the Marketing Director for the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

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