Rock Bottom Tile and Stone Reports Real Stone Matters in Home Sales

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Careful and cost-effective use of natural stone yields greater value in home sales.

#1 question that gets asked by prospective buyers during most home walkthroughs is: “Are the floors and countertops real stone?”

While polling real estate agents recently on what buyers really prefer in homes, there was a resounding nod towards the use of real stone such as travertine, granite, limestone, etc., over any man-made products available. “Real stone has an inherent value for resale of homes,” states Ronnie Graves of Prudential California. In fact, the #1 question that gets asked by prospective buyers during most home walkthroughs is: “Are the floors and countertops real stone?”

One of the key reasons that people choose homeownership in the first place versus renting is the inherent value that has historically been gained. However, with the massive flux now demonstrated in the recent real estate market homeowners need to understand what steps they can make to maximize the value their properties represent. When making a home improvement decision it’s important to carefully expend funds where the highest return on investment for remodeling or refurbishing can be obtained, such as kitchens and baths. First and foremost determine the levels of quality of components being used. Real stone versus manmade is always a front runner. This consideration should be matched by the choice of countertops as well as flooring then followed by the highest level appliances and cabinetry available within your design budget. The payback can be tremendous.

One must admit that kitchen and bath choices have come a long way since the basic laminates and vinyl of the past. Whether choosing countertops or flooring for indoor or outdoor use, today’s designers’, homeowners and builders are discovering no deficit of available material options in order to create surfaces that are beautiful, durable and effortlessly “direct your eyes” around the space.

Countertops boast a well-deserved reputation for being the hardest working component in a kitchen design so durability along with style is a priority in today’s real estate market as well as being hygienic and easy to maintain. The designer’s choice for beautiful continuity is the addition of natural stone flooring such as travertine, limestone, marble and slate to compliment the countertops in order to provide a comprehensive and coordinated stone feel and design. The addition of backsplash tile or mosaic provides endless design options and is another excellent accent that both highlights and compliments other natural stone components of an area.

Designers keep ever vigilant eyes on current trends and client preferences while being attentive to these practical attributes. David Cohen of Rock Bottom Tile and Stone, LLC declares, “The demand for natural stone as a front runner is one trend that does not appear to be diminishing.”

The Homeowner’s Pick

According to a 2012 on-line survey conducted of 1,588 homeowners, 76% of those agreed that nothing beats the attractiveness and benefits of natural stone countertops. Of that number 75% of those surveyed who intended to remodel their kitchens within the next two years said that they would choose granite countertops over any other material. It’s wonderful that homeowners have the ability to utilize granite mini slabs to curb much of the traditional costs associated with granite slabs, fabrication, and installations. Rock Bottom Tile and Stone has perfectly positioned itself to offer DIY’ers this affordable option.

This overwhelming esteem is not unexpected. Natural stone has been venerated worldwide for centuries because of its unparalleled splendor, resilience and security. A factor of 90% of those surveyed today, agree.

The Benefits

It’s clear that even during the recent hard economic times; homeowners have been very sensitive to this design aesthetic, as well as to the tremendous resale value that using natural stone brings to their home. Consequently, most agree that installing natural stone countertops and flooring is a safe and astute investment that provides a reliable return and pays for itself, rapidly.

Granite durability and longevity are legendary. The unique hardness of the minerals that form most granite provide a remarkable obstacle to most anything imaginable that threatens to cause it damage. Just as countertops are considered the workhorses of kitchens, Granite is the workhorse of natural stone in this regard as well as its thoroughbred. It has historically demonstrated its superior resistance to moisture, acids (e.g. lemon juice, tomato juice), heat, and bacteria which make it an ideal material choice for any remodel project involving countertops. Add in the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of new products like granite mini-slabs and homeowners have a valuable option just a click away.

The people have spoken and natural stone countertops and flooring are continuing to receive the acclaim that is due them. With the striking array of types, colors, patterns and finishes, your options are wide open and new advances in technology have made this natural stone even more available and affordable than ever.

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