Teleportals, A New Family of Devices, Uses Expandiverse Technology to Add Exciting New Ways to Live in Our Growing Digital World

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A new family of devices, Teleportals, can be designed and built using Expandiverse Technology to bring technology, work, entertainment, and life together in an increasingly powerful digital world.

Expandiverse:  New technology to build tomorrow's digital world today

Expandiverse: New technology to build tomorrow's digital world today

The Teleportal family is a large advance in market opportunity and business strategy for today’s device vendors.

Device vendors can now take the lead over their competitors with Dan Abelow's Expandiverse Technology, by developing Teleportals, a new family of devices that offer revolutionary and exponential improvements.

Dan Abelow’s new Intellectual Property, the Expandiverse™, takes today’s devices that support one to a few connections and evolves them into a digital world where users are continuously connected to everything they need — people, services, tools, places and resources.

As Abelow describes it, “We're limited right now because the devices in our hands only connect to a few things at a time and that’s it. The Expandiverse shows how to evolve to continuous connections with all the people and everything we need all the time.”

He adds, “Think of the Expandiverse as making our growing digital world one entire resource for your benefit, with your world set up how you want it, so you can be more aware, powerful, successful and happy.”

The Expandiverse’s new family of devices is named Teleportals. A basic description of a single Teleportal is that it converges computing, communications, smart phones, television, the Internet, and more into a continuously connected digital device.

Users will have more than one Teleportal, as they are actually a family of devices which use the Expandiverse’s architecture, networking, storage and services to connect each user with his or her continuous digital reality.

“We are about to evolve much faster digitally,” Abelow says. “A next step is to fuse our devices with a back-end architecture and utility. This means that when you put down one Teleportal device, it turns off automatically because it knows you are not using it any more. As you turn to your next Teleportal device, it recognizes you and restores your continuous digital connections. Users will gain the ability to move between all their Teleportals during their day, while being in a large and instantly responsive digital world, when their devices are Teleportals.”

The Expandiverse calls each set of continuous digital connections a Shared Planetary Life Space. Each person will have multiple Shared Life Spaces, such as for their family, each employer, friends and many more — in what ever way each person wants to divide their life into their own continuously connected spaces.

Abelow explains, “This is provided by the Expandiverse architecture behind the Teleportals. What your Teleportals will do is work like physical reality. When you turn to any one of your Shared Spaces on your Teleportals, it’s all there, connected and available — your people, places, services, tools and resources.”

He talks about the seamless integration of the digital world and the physical world, and how the line begins to blur as the Expandiverse changes the way people work with digital devices. “If we migrate to Teleportals to experience our emerging digital world as a connected personal resource,” Abelow says, “we will increase everyone’s global awareness and abilities.”

For device vendors, the Teleportals family represents the Expandiverse’s most visible hardware side. Fixed size “Local Teleportals” can range from wall size or large screens, to mid-size screens the sizes of PCs, laptops or picture frames.

“Mobile Teleportals” can span the gamut from small portable projectors to different configurations such as tablets, phablets, hand-held, and wearable — right down to devices like Google Glasses.

“Remote Teleportals” provide various ways to be continuously connected to potentially large numbers of places throughout the world, for many reasons. Some of those include work (employment), business relationships, e-commerce, education, friendship or entertainment.

Just as today’s devices are a thousand times more powerful than those of 20 years ago, Abelow envisions a future “Expandiverse” less than 20 years from today with Teleportal devices that are a thousand times more powerful than what we use today. By then, these will easily support our continuous connections to what we want, in our multiple Shared Spaces.

Since Expandiverse IP will be in force until 2031, Abelow believes the Expandiverse™ will become a reference model for how to build and evolve tomorrow’s digital world.

Most important to device vendors, over time each user would replace their many separate and independent devices with their own personal family of Teleportals. That (r)evolution will let everyone live continuously and globally in tomorrow’s far more powerful digital world.

The Teleportal family is a large advance in market opportunity and business strategy for today’s device vendors, who usually make only step-by-step incremental progress in their limited devices. When Expandiverse thinking grows, today’s device vendors may be the first ones to fall behind.

In the future, one vendor could have exclusive rights to Expandiverse IP and Teleportals, or Teleportals could be sold by multiple vendors.

Abelow concludes, “Expandiverse IP could provide an industry leadership opportunity for one major vendor who knows how the tech industry often produces one ‘winner-take-all’ company. Or this could help the tech industry quickly propel all our devices a large multiple ahead of where they are today.”

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Abelow presents his insights into this new family of devices in a videotaped interview that is available on the web site.

About Dan Abelow:

DAN ABELOW is an American inventor, consultant, author and speaker who has degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School. His previous patents have been licensed by over 500 corporations that include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and many others. Abelow’s Expandiverse™ is the first digital world that can stand next to our physical world. For more information see

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