Chambers USA Guide 2013 Includes 186 Greenberg Traurig Attorneys, 33 Practice Areas

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Chambers USA Guide 2013 Includes 186 Greenberg Traurig Attorneys, 33 Practice Areas

The 2013 Chambers USA Guide includes 186 attorneys and 33 practice areas from international law firm Greenberg Traurig LLP. Most recently, the firm received the Chambers USA Award for Excellence in Real Estate during the Chambers and Partners USA 2013: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business awards ceremony held Thursday, May 23, 2013 in New York.

According to its website, Chambers and Partners, publisher of the annual guide, selects attorneys and practices for inclusion based on thousands of interviews with practicing lawyers and clients around the world. Attorneys, practice areas and firms are ranked by placement in “bands,” with Band 1 being the highest placement. Attorneys can also be designated as a “Senior Statesman,” “Star Individual” (which is above a Band 1 ranking), “Up and Coming” or “Associate to Watch.” Practice areas are ranked by market as well as nationally.

The firm has received several awards from Chambers and Partners throughout the years, including the Chambers Global Awards 2007 USA Law Firm of the Year, five Chambers Awards for Excellence and a Lifetime Achievement Award. In May 2013, the firm was named “Poland Law Firm of the Year – International” at the 2013 Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence in London. Additionally, Lejb Fogelman, senior partner in the firm’s Warsaw office, received an individual “Outstanding Contribution to the Legal Profession” award. Greenberg Traurig attorneys have also been recognized in the 2013 Chambers UK, Chambers Latin America and Chambers Global guides.

In the 2013 Chambers USA Nationwide rankings, Greenberg Traurig is recommended for client service in Capital Markets: REITs and for commercial awareness in Environment and Wealth Management. For the full Greenberg Traurig 2013 Chambers USA rankings please click here.

Listed once again as “Star Individuals” in the 2013 Chambers USA Guide are Gary M. Epstein, chair of Greenberg Traurig’s Global Corporate & Securities practice, co-chair of the firm’s Israel practice and managing shareholder of the Tel Aviv office; Richard C. McCrea, Jr., Labor & Employment practice shareholder in the Tampa office; and Peter Wolfson Zinober, co-chair of the firm’s Global Labor & Employment practice and co-chair of its Global Human Capital Solutions practice.

Noted as “Senior Statesmen” are Joseph Z. Fleming, a shareholder in the firm’s Labor & Employment and Litigation practices; and Irving Scher, senior counsel in Greenberg Traurig’s Antitrust Practice.

Lori G. Cohen, shareholder and chair of the firm’s Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Healthcare Litigation practice and co-chair of the Atlanta office Litigation practice is once again listed in the Spotlight Table under Nationwide Product Liability: Pharmaceutical.

The following shareholders are recognized as “Up and Coming” in their respective areas of practice and markets: Joseph F. Coniglio, Healthcare, Texas; John Elrod, Bankruptcy/Restructuring, Georgia; Frederick Fisher, Banking & Finance, Illinois; Mario Garcia-Serra, Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use, Florida; Scott M. Grossman, Bankruptcy/Restructuring, Florida; Kate Kalmykov, Immigration, New York; Paul R. McIntyre, Environment, Pennsylvania

Recognized as an “Associate to Watch” in the Texas market is John Kelly Barnes, an associate in the firm’s Health & FDA Practice Group.

The following Greenberg Traurig practice areas received “Band 1” placement in statewide and/or nationwide rankings:

Banking & Finance
Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Labor & Employment
Latin American Investment
Litigation: General Commercial
Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Real Estate
Real Estate: Mainly Dirt
Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use

The firm ranked in the following practice areas nationwide:

Capital Markets: REITs (recommended for client service)
Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded
Energy: Oil & Gas (Regulatory & Litigation)
Environment (recommended for commercial awareness)
International Trade
Leisure & Hospitality
Native American Law
Product Liability & Mass Torts
Projects: PPP
Real Estate
Wealth Management (recommended for commercial awareness)

The following Greenberg Traurig attorneys are recognized by Chambers in the following markets and practice areas in the 2013 Chambers USA Guide:

Attorney                        Market(s)                                 Practice Area(s)
Allen D. Altman             Georgia                                         Tax

Alan I. Annex                New York                                      Corporate/M&A

Douglas C. Atnipp         Nationwide                        Energy: Oil & Gas (Transactional)

James Bacchus            Nationwide            International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy

Ian C. Ballon                Nationwide                        Privacy & Data Security IT & Outsourcing

David G. Barger             Virginia                                     Litigation: White-Collar Crime
                                                                                         & Government Investigations

David A. Barkus             Florida                          Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

John Kelly Barnes            Texas                                                 Healthcare

Kerri L. Barsh                 Florida                                                     Environment

Hilarie Bass                     Florida                            Litigation: General Commercial

Jacqueline Becerra         Florida                            Litigation: General Commercial

Donn A. Beloff                 Florida                         Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Norman J. Benford         Nationwide                            Wealth Management: Eastern Region
                                        Florida                                     Tax: Estate Planning

Daniel H. Black                 California                 Media & Entertainment: Transactional

Brian H. Blaney                 Arizona                            Corporate/M&A

Dennis J. Block             New York                         Corporate/M&A

Mark D. Bloom                Nationwide                             Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Warren S. Bloom                Florida                 Banking & Finance: Public Finance

Theodore I. Blum                 Georgia                                Corporate/M&A

Thomas J. Bond                 Texas                         Insurance: Regulation

Michael J. Bonner                 Nevada         Corporate/Commercial; Gaming & Licensing

Reggie L. Bouthillier             Florida                 Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use

Francis ‘Frank’ R. Bradley III     Texas                                Banking & Finance

John N. Brewer                         Nevada                             Corporate/Commercial

Alan J. Brody                         New Jersey                             Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Philippe M. Bruno                     Nationwide                                        International Trade:
                                                                                        Trade Remedies & Trade Policy

Burt Bruton                                 Florida                                         Real Estate

Randy A. Bullard                         Florida                                 Latin American Investment

Rebecca Lynne Burnham             Arizona                                             Real Estate

Richard A. Burton                     Nationwide                Capital Markets: REITs

Juan Pablo Cappello                        Florida                                 Latin American Investment

Andrew R. Cardonick                     Illinois                                 Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Michael J. Cherniga                        Florida                                             Healthcare

Lori G. Cohen                                Nationwide                     Product Liability & Mass Torts
                                                                                         Product Liability: Pharmaceutical
                                                    Georgia                         Litigation: General Commercial

Joseph F. Coniglio                         Texas                                         Healthcare

Jay L. Cooper                             California                    Media & Entertainment:
                                                                                             Transactional: Mainly Talent

Samantha R. Corson                    Pennsylvania                         Environment

David A. Coulson                         Florida                                 Litigation: General Commercial

Cindy J.K. Davis                            Georgia                                         Banking & Finance

Richard F. Davis                         Nationwide                         Leisure & Hospitality

Michelle A. De Blasi                    Arizona                         Environment (including water rights)

Albert A. Del Castillo                    Florida                        Banking & Finance: Public Finance

Jean M. DeLuca                        Massachusetts         Banking & Finance: Public Finance

Roderick N. Devlin                     Nationwide         Projects: PPP

Stephen J. Dietrich                            Colorado         Corporate/M&A

Lucia A. Dougherty                             Florida         Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use

Brian L. Duffy                             Colorado    Litigation:        General Commercial

Richard A. Edlin                                New York        Litigation: General Commercial

Troy A. Eid                                     Nationwide                    Native American Law
                                                     Colorado                 Natural Resources & Environment

John Elrod                                         Georgia         Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Seth J. Entin                                     Florida             Tax

Gary M. Epstein                                Florida         Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Orlando L. Evora                                Florida            Real Estate

Kristine Feher                                New Jersey            Labor & Employment

Mark E. Ferrario                                 Nevada             Litigation: General Commercial

Bruce Fischer                                     California             Real Estate

Frederick Fisher                                     Illinois                 Banking & Finance

Michael T. Fishman                                Illinois                    Real Estate

Steven D. Fleissig                                 New Jersey                     Real Estate

Joseph Z. Fleming                                Florida                 Labor & Employment

Carl A. Fornaris                             Florida                                 Banking & Finance:
                                                                                     Regulatory; Banking & Finance:

Jonathan M .Forster                     Nationwide    Wealth Management: Eastern Region

Judith D.Fryer                             Nationwide         Capital Markets: REITs

Robert C. Gang                                Florida    Banking & Finance: Public Finance

Mario Garcia-Serra                         Florida    Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use

David Gitlin                                 Nationwide             Investment Funds: Venture Capital
                                                    Pennsylvania         Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Jerrold F. Goldberg                         New York     Labor & Employment

Matthew B. Gorson                            Florida     Real Estate

Scott M. Grossman                             Florida     Bankruptcy/Restructuring

H. Hamilton Hackney III                 Massachusetts     Environment

Lawrence H. Heller                            Nationwide     Wealth Management: Western Region

Linda B. Hirschson                         Nationwide    Wealth Management: Eastern Region

Michael Hornreich                             Florida    Construction

John B. Hutton III                             Florida    Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Yosbel A. Ibarra                             Florida    Latin American Investment

Harold N. Iselin                                Nationwide             Healthcare: Regulatory & Litigation
                                                     New York             Healthcare    

Robert J. Ivanhoe                             New York                 Real Estate
                                                     Nationwide         Real Estate

Clifton R. Jessup Jr.                         Texas     Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Kate Kalmykov                             New York                 Immigration

Robert S. Kant                                 Arizona         Corporate/M&A

Barbara T. Kaplan                             New York                     Tax
                                                     Nationwide         Tax: Controversy

Warren J. Karp                                Nationwide        Retail (editorial mention)

Michael D. Karpeles                            Illinois         Labor & Employment

Joel A. Katz                                     Georgia    Intellectual Property

Julie Kendig-Schrader                         Florida    Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use

Gregory W. Kehoe                             Florida    Litigation: White-Collar Crime
                                                                                & Government Investigations

Leslie A. Klein                                 Illinois    Labor & Employment:
                                                                                Employee Benefits & Compensation

Gary S. Kleinman                             New York         Real Estate

Thomas F. Kummer                        Nevada                     Litigation: General Commercial

David Kurzweil                                 Georgia    Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Stephen A. Landsman                        Illinois    Corporate/M&A

Wendy Johnson Lario                     New Jersey    Labor & Employment

Nancy B. Lash                                 Florida    Real Estate

Michael Leveille                                Georgia    Banking & Finance

Oscar Levin                                     Florida    Immigration

Matthew R. Lewin                             Illinois    Banking & Finance

Peter H. Lieberman                         Illinois    Corporate/M&A

Corey E. Light                                 Illinois    Real Estate

David Long-Daniels                         Georgia     Labor & Employment

Beverly W. Lubit                         New Jersey    Intellectual Property

Kara L. MacCullough                         Florida    Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Bruce E. Macdonough                     Arizona    Corporate/M&A

Jim Mace                                        Nevada        Real Estate

Michael L. Malone                             Texas         Healthcare

David G. Mandelbaum                    Pennsylvania         Environment

Alan Mansfield                                New York         Litigation: General Commercial

Bruce I. March                                 Florida         Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Milos Markovic                                 Illinois         Real Estate

Enrique J. Martin                             Florida         Latin American Investment

Scott Martin                                 New York             Antitrust

Joel D. Maser                                 Florida                     Tax

Terence McCourt                            Massachusetts         Labor & Employment

Richard C. McCrea Jr.                        Florida         Labor & Employment

Paul R. McIntyre                             Pennsylvania             Environment

Heather J. Meeker                             California             Intellectual Property:
                                                                                         Patent; IT & Outsourcing

Patricia Menéndez-Cambó                    Florida             Latin American Investment

Nelson F. Migdal                             District of Columbia                Real Estate
                                                        Nationwide                 Leisure & Hospitality

James C. Miller                                 Florida                     Construction

Peter A. Miller                                 New York                     Real Estate

Christopher H. Milton                     Massachusetts                    Real Estate

Kenneth M. Minesinger                     Nationwide                         Energy:
                                                                                    Oil & Gas (Regulatory & Litigation)

Nancy A. Mitchell                             New York    Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Michael G. Murphy PE                     Florida                        Construction

Howard L. Nelson                            Nationwide                     Energy: Oil & Gas
                                                                                             (Regulatory & Litigation)

Christopher J. Neumann                Colorado                     Natural Resources & Environment

J. Kent Newsome                             Texas                            Real Estate

Renée W. O'Rourke                     Colorado                         Labor & Employment:
                                                                             Employee Benefits & Compensation

Debbie M. Orshefsky                     Florida                         Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use

David G. Palmer                         Colorado                        Litigation: General Commercial

Stephen D. Palmer                        Georgia                                 Banking & Finance

Nancy A. Peterman                         Illinois                                Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Ginger Pigott                                    Nationwide                 Product Liability & Mass Torts

Sanford C. Presant                             California                         Tax

Stephen L. Rabinowitz                     New York                         Real Estate

Laura Foote Reiff                         District of Columbia                 Nationwide Immigration

Barry Richard                                    Florida                 Litigation: Appellate;
                                                                                         Litigation: General Commercial

Robert Rosenbloum                         Georgia                    Intellectual Property

Ira N. Rosner                                     Florida         Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

David L. Ross                                 Florida             Antitrust; Litigation: General Commercial

Doreen U. Saia                                New York                    Energy: State Regulatory
                                                                                             & Wholesale Electric Market

Ralph G. Santos                             Texas                                     Real Estate

Gary Saul                                        Florida                     Real Estate

Irving Scher                                     New York                     Antitrust

Elliot H. Scherker                            Florida                                 Litigation: Appellate

Barry J. Schindler                            New Jersey                     Intellectual Property

Ozzie A. Schindler                            Florida                             Tax

Paul D. Schindler                             New York                 Media & Entertainment: Music

Mark P. Schnapp                                 Florida                 Litigation: White-Collar Crime
                                                                                             & Government Investigations

Martha J. Schoonover                         District of Columbia
                                                             Nationwide                             Immigration

David M. Schwartzbaum                         New York                         Corporate/M&A

Ralph W. Selitto, Jr.                                New Jersey                         Intellectual Property

Philip R. Sellinger                                    New Jersey                     Litigation: General
                                                                                    Commercial; Litigation: Insurance

Francis J. Serbaroli                                 New York                             Healthcare

James I. Serota                                     New York                                 Antitrust

Keith J. Shapiro                                     Illinois                     Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Gary R. Silverman                                 Illinois             Corporate/M&A: Private Equity

Richard A. Sirus                                    Illinois                Labor & Employment:Employee                                                                     Benefit & Compensation

Holly R. Skolnick                                Florida         Litigation: White-Collar Crime &    Government Investigations

Lori Smith-Lalla                                     Florida    Banking & finance: Public Finance

Robert A. Soriano                                 Florida    Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Pamela B. Stein                                     Texas    Real Estate

Howard Steinberg                                 California    Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Lesa J. Storey                                         Arizona    Real Estate

Jonathan L. Sulds                                New York    Labor & Employment

Michael J. Sullivan                             Nationwide        Leisure & Hospitality
                                                         Florida     Real Estate

Alan N. Sutin                                     New York    Technology & Outsourcing

Ben D. Tobor                                 Texas                          Intellectual Property

Curtis B. Toll                                     Pennsylvania             Environment

Christopher Torres                            Florida             Environment

Mark G. Trigg                                     Georgia     Litigation: General Commercial

Gregg Vermeys                                Nevada        Real Estate

Diane E. Vuocolo                                Pennsylvania        Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Michael H. Ward                                 Georgia         Real Estate (editorial mention)

Jennifer H. Weddle                         Nationwide         Native American Law

David B. Weinstein                                 Florida         Environment

Terry R. Weiss                                     Georgia        Litigation: General Commercial

David E. Wells                                     Florida     Corporate/M&A & Private Equity

Bruce H. Whitz                                     Texas         Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Joe D. Whitley                             Georgia                        Litigation:
                                                                     White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations

Quinn Williams                        Arizona                             Corporate/M&A

Jéan E. Wilson                                Florida     Banking & Finance: Public Finance

Darrell R. Windham                         Texas    Technology: Corporate & Commercial

Todd Wozniak                             Georgia                                 Labor & Employment

Diana S.C. Zeydel                        Nationwide                Wealth Management: Eastern Region
                                                     Florida                         Tax: Estate Planning

Peter Wolfson Zinober                 Florida                            Labor & Employment

Bruce R. Zirinsky                 Nationwide; New York    Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Kenneth Zuckerbrot                     New York                Tax

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