Scribbity Launches Online Service for Faster Transcription & Translation

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Huge growth in online video fuels need for low cost solution to make new content discoverable through search announces the launch of an innovative new web service for anyone to be able transcribe audio and video content quickly, easily and accurately. Users can upload files or import videos from YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion and other streaming sites. The HTML5 browser player features advanced playback controls for slowing down or speeding up playback without distorting pitch or jumping back or forth 10 seconds to facilitate typing. The speed control function is an elegant solution for a very annoying online transcription problem.

Scribbity also includes a number of other features designed to streamline the process, including a multi-language spell-checker that also contains medical and legal dictionaries. There’s no software to install, since the HTML5 player is supported in the latest release of all major browsers.

Scribbity was created to solve a number of broader issues now facing the Transcription & Translation industry, a multi-billion dollar industry which has done surprisingly little to keep up with technology in recent years.

Human vs. Machine Transcription

While “machine” transcription works well for individuals who train the software for their own individual voice, it fails miserably when trying to apply to many different speakers with different accents and dialects. “Believe me, we’ve tried,” says Scribbity founder Jon Louis. “People want accuracy and there’s just no substitute for the human touch.” Often times, he says, “reading machine-transcribed audio or video is like listening to a song and having it skip all over the place. It’s painful and frustrating.”

Ross Klinger, Group CEO of EQHO Communications, a leading translation company headquartered in Thailand, agrees. “Machine transcription systems have the same limitations as statistical machine translation systems, as both are based on matching a pattern against a pre-defined corpus of patterns. Even a large investment in corpus development, recognition training, and processing power will not produce high quality results unless the input is severely constrained: i.e., one person speaking in a controlled fashion with regard to a single subject-matter domain.” Scribbity has partnered with EQHO to support over 50 languages.

Huge Volume of New Audio & Video Content

YouTube users uploaded over 4,320 years of new content in 2012 alone, or about 72 hours per minute. It was a 50% increase over the previous year. With the YouTube app, and worldwide smartphone saturation far from complete, these figures may again grow 50% by the end of 2013.

The discovery of this video content is difficult due to lack of keywords. YouTube, which the #2 search engine behind Google, understands the importance of making its videos searchable aside from using the title alone. The tools to paste a transcription into your video are already there, but few have taken advantage because of the task of transcribing. Scribbity helps to removes this friction point by lowering the bar with its easy-to-use browser interface. What was once a task for professionals to process files quickly is now available to anyone who can listen and type at their own pace.

Search Engine Optimization

Transcripts of your video make it more searchable, and prepare it for discovery through search engine optimization (SEO) because it’s fresh, it’s original, and you are the first to publish it. If you are going to transcribe it, put the content on your webpage as well. In somewhat of a paradigm shift, much of the content online is now recorded without a script. Thus, if you want it translated for multi-language captioning, having a published transcript saves time and money.

To celebrate its launch, Scribbity is offering a free trial membership which includes up to 1,000 minutes of free audio and video uploads. For professionals or those who prefer to do-it-themselves, Scribbity offers a low cost monthly plan starting at $5.99/month.

For those that don’t have the time, just purchase some PRO minutes, and Scribbity will assign your job to a one of its professionals. No need to spend time combing through the online classifieds or trying to choose the “right” 4-star contractor. Scribbity will even provide guarantees. If Scribbity takes more than 48 hours to process, the job is free. Scribbity supports over 50 languages, with transcription starting as low as $1.00 per minute. Translation starts as low as $33 per page.

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