Geeks Can Speak Reveals the Importance Behind a “High Performance Communication Day” for Technical Organizations

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How often do companies dedicate a day to High Performance Communications for their technical professionals? Geeks Can Speak reveals the importance behind a “High Performance Communication Day” for technical organizations.

Geeks Can Speak

Geeks Can Speak

High Performance Communication Skills are teachable.

Many Fortune 500 companies periodically have a day set aside to clear out the clutter. It might be part of a detailed 5S Continuous Improvement program, or a day of identification and labeling of company records, or just a “clean your desk day.” It’s a way of focusing everyone on a single important issue at once, similar to days designated for health and exercise, community service, or key business priorities.

But how often do companies dedicate a day to High Performance Communications?

High Performance Communication helps professionals communicate clearly, understand an array of topics, and proactively share important information with those who need to know. High Performance Communicators ensure full and complete understanding, maintain a positive tone when communicating with individuals that don’t understand the technical details, and even avoid re-work and miscommunications. Consider the benefits of an entire technical organization that demonstrates High Performance Communication.

Unfortunately, many technical organizations, including Information Technology (IT) departments and engineering firms, do not require strong communication skills from technical professionals – leading to consequences like costly re-work, expensive mistakes from miscommunications, poor performance, low morale, and even a business that avoids interacting with technical professionals. Why suffer from this avoidable frustration and costly reality – even if only for one day?

The problem’s roots are in the way we train our technical professionals. Organizations hire individuals with the specific technical skills to perform the work we need to get done. But once hired organizations rarely support these critical professionals with High Performance Communication Skills – and when technical professionals struggle with how to talk, send an e-mail, or create a report, the response is often to enforce a general performance improvement plan, rather than teach the formula for consistently communicating well.

And that’s a shame, because communication is teachable. It comes more naturally to some than to others, but communication is not a genetic trait only developed at birth. Anyone can learn the High Performance Communication Formula.

Consider the potential positive impact on any company that does implement a “High Performance Communication Day.” The good experience will last, as people decide to keep some of the techniques, and use this approach to communication every day. For individuals who do not know how to utilize advanced communication skills, the company could provide communication skills training tailored to the way technical professionals best learn and understand information. The "High Performance Communication Day" also supports accountability – requiring professionals demonstrate these skills.

Should we start a “High Performance Communication Day” for technical organizations?

LaShanya Aikerson Sullivan, CEO of Aikerson Consulting Group, Inc. and founder of the Geeks Can Speak division, started her career as an engineer. After getting her engineering degree (from Bradley University), she began working at a large telecommunications company (now AT&T). What her degree did not teach her was how to effectively communicate with others. Her communication struggles let her to research and develop the comprehensive Geeks Can Speak program. She got her Master’s Degree at Northwestern University (Kellogg), took executive level training at Harvard University, and is certified in everything from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to Neuro-Linguistic Programming and more. She even completed the NTL Institute’s Human Interaction Laboratory. She combined this knowledge with her years of practical experience consulting and coaching technical organizations and leaders, and created the programs taught by her company today. Her company’s list of satisfied clients include Coca-Cola Refreshments (IT department), Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Greenway Medical, and more. Aikerson Consulting Group’s Geeks Can Speak division delivers training, coaching, and consulting programs to create and sustain high performance in technical organizations. These programs empower technical professionals with communication and leadership skills to ensure long-term success.

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