Orange County Facial Surgeon Discusses Facelift Options for the Balding Man

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Throughout his tenure as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati has found that many balding men do not think that a facelift procedure is an option for them. In order to help dispel this myth, Dr. Sadati has released a fact sheet about the facelift procedure he has helped pioneer that is designed specifically for men with hair loss.

Dr. Kevin Sadati Discusses Facelift Options for the Balding Man

Facelift Options for the Balding Man

Working with different types of patients every day keeps my job interesting. I don't want anyone to feel like cosmetic surgery is not an option for them.

"Adjustments are made every day in my practice to provide each patient with the best, most natural-looking results. We work with men who are balding all the time, and are able to give them the results they want without the obvious scars," informed Dr. Sadati, who works with patients in Newport Beach and Orange County.

The traditional facelift procedure requires the plastic surgeon to place the scar near or on the hairline. For men with thinning hair or men who are balding, this is an obvious location that is highly visible. For these patients, Dr. Sadati creates a smaller incision behind the ears in order to complete the facelift. In the blog post, he provides additional details about this short-scar procedure:

This technique does not allow Dr. Sadati to remove as much excess skin, so patients must understand that their results will not be excessively dramatic. For many patients, this is a good thing because they do not want it to be obvious that they have undergone a cosmetic surgery. Most patients are looking for natural results, which also is Dr. Sadati's goal. Using this technique, Dr. Sadati is still able to eliminate most of the obvious signs of aging from a person's face and provide them with a refreshed, youthful appearance once again.

Given the fact that the incision is smaller, and less skin is removed, the recovery for this procedure is much easier than more traditional facelift procedures. It is significantly less painful, and many patients will find that they are ready to go back to work within 5-7 days.

While there are significant differences between the traditional technique and the short-scar facelift procedure, Dr. Sadati finds that male patients who require these modifications are simply grateful to have the opportunity to improve their appearance. Most men who are balding assume that they cannot have a facelift done, and many cosmetic surgeons will turn them away because of the fact that they are experiencing hair loss. Dr. Sadati strives to provide every patient who comes to his office with the results they are looking for out of the surgical experience, and he welcomes any type of challenge.

"Working with different types of patients every day keeps my job interesting. I don't want anyone to feel like cosmetic surgery is not an option for them. If you have any sort of desire to improve your appearance and boost your confidence by way of plastic surgery, then I can probably create a customized plan for you," exclaimed Dr. Sadati.

For more information on the short-scar facelift experience, contact Dr. Sadati's office today.

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