Integrity Health Coaching For Women Provides Metabolic Weight Loss Time Assessment and Estimation

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Integrity will provide free of charge a metabolic assessment and the energy value in foods and in body fat to local residents. Integrity estimates mathematically how much body fat is too much and how long it will take to lose body fat with calorie restriction and exercise.

Integrity Health Coaching for Women

According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion more than 75% of people suffer with chronic illness

Ever wonder why so many people struggle with losing weight? People know the benefits of a lean healthy body but why do they find it so difficult to attain? The truth is it is easy, just not that simple. Integrity Health has developed a synergy system that makes getting a healthier body easy to do.

Today people are bombarded with every quick fix gimmick on the market claiming to be the elixir to better health. Just turn on your television or radio and you'll find this to be true. The reason is quite clear, just look around to see the many people who struggle with weight issues yet as a nation many have not "swallowed" what should be done to correct it, exercise and eat better.

According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion more than 75% of people suffer with chronic illness. Many of these illnesses are directly or indirectly caused via lack of activity, poor food choices and smoking.

What people don't want or like to admit is society is addicted to many habits that have become part of people's daily lives, soon to be at a cost more than just declining health, but also financial. But how can our nation avoid some of these challenges?

The only real answer to better health is living a healthier life. It doesn't mean giving up anything enjoyable, it just means understanding how much of what one enjoys may be harmful and how to avoid it. Boulay, CEO of Integrity Health Coaching believes "once a person understands how destructive some of their unhealthy habits may be they will begin to make better, healthier choices."

A balanced healthy lifestyle should consist of daily activities that combine aerobic and resistance exercise, mind and body stretching and relaxation, and healthy food choices. The synergy of incorporating these hew habits into one's daily activities will enhance the health of anyone who participates. Integrity's EZ Coach system makes getting healthy "easy" to understand.

One reason why so many people fall short and give up on a weight loss / wellness program is they don't see results fast enough. In other words, their expectations are not met quick enough and then they think "it's not working" and quit. That is why it is important that one "knows" how long it will take to achieve their goal(s). Once one knows how long it will take then they know what to expect and understand how long the process will be to reach their goal(s).

During the month of June 2013 Integrity Health Coaching for Women will be offering free weight loss time assessments at all of their New Hampshire locations to show a person how long it will take to lose weight. Integrity offers many different fitness and weight loss options in their 24 hour facilities for those looking to lose weight and improve their physical capacity.

For more information on metabolic assessments click here or send us a message in our contact page.

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