Calls for Action in Response to Immigration Policies

Share Article lifestyle and finance magazine remarks about President Obama’s highly noted speech at a White House event last night, commending the President for acknowledging an apparent lipstick kiss on his collar and spurring its readers to action regarding the immigration policies reviewed in the President’s address

The President is a smart guy. He knew that if he didn’t comment on what looked like the imprint of a woman’s kiss on his shirt, the media would be all over it by morning. lifestyle and finance magazine released their statement regarding the content of the now-famous speech that President Obama’s gave last night on the pending immigration overhaul. The President spoke about immigration issues at an event celebrating Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The speech drew particular media attention after the President addressed a bright pink lipstick kiss on his shirt collar. called its retired and senior readers to action if they have strong feelings either way about the immigration overhaul that is currently working its way through Congress.

According to an article in Washington CBS Local, published Wednesday May 29th 2013, President Obama began his address to the attendees of the White House-hosted celebratory event for Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month by acknowledging a pink lipstick smear on his white shirt collar. CBS reported that the President attributed the gesture to the “warmth” of the reception attendees, and called out the owner of the lipstick, the aunt of an “American Idol” contestant who was present. The article states that the President joked with the lady, “I do not want to be in trouble with Michelle, so I’m calling you out.” commended the President for making light of the situation, and for being the first to acknowledge the obvious imprint. is quoted as saying, “The President is a smart guy. He knew that if he didn’t comment on what looked like the imprint of a woman’s kiss on his shirt, the media would be all over it by morning. He didn’t appear flustered, he held it together and turned what could have be a media field day into a gentle joke. It’s important to keep your cool, especially when you know that you’ve done no wrong. Getting anxious or appearing disconcerted only makes it seem like there could be some foul play involved. I think our President fielded that one quite nicely, and went on to give some great information about changes in the works for U.S. immigration policies.” focused on the content of the President’s speech, which was comprised mostly of discussing the White-House backed immigration overhaul that is currently in the works in Congress. The above-mentioned CBS article reported that the bill would essentially revamp all immigration laws including improving security at the nation’s borders and aiding the approximate 11 million people residing in the U.S. illegally with obtaining citizenship. encouraged its senior and retired readers to take a stand about an issue that is currently such a hot topic in the nation. is quoted as saying, “To me, immigration laws are not an issue that citizens feel lukewarm about. Most people feel strongly about it, one way or another, and it’s important to let our voices be heard—especially on the brink of such a major overhaul. Whether you’re for or against increasing border patrol, speak up. Do you want people who are currently living in our country illegally to be granted citizenship, to be given a green card, to be guaranteed life insurance, home insurance, health insurance? These are topics that people are very divided about—some are for them, some are completely against them—but it’s vital to the success of our country as a democracy that we the citizens take a stand. What I don’t want to happen is for certain immigration laws to be passed, and have the majority of the country complaining about them. The time to act is now, and make sure you’re volleying for what you do believe in. Then you can at least say you tried, if the decision ends up the other way.”

The White House website website is quoted as saying regarding the pending immigration overhaul, “America’s immigration system is broken. Too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers and there are 11 million people living in the shadows. Neither is good for the economy or the country.” Ideas listed on the website for ways to act are for citizens to join debates, host a roundtable in the community, and openly discuss immigration issues with others. There are also links on the White House website for local upcoming engagements which citizens can seek out and actively get involved with in their local communities.

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