Brain World Magazine - Summer Issue is Out

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Brain World Magazine's summer issue on Sex and Immortality is out with articles agelessness and the pleasure centers of the brain.

Sun. Summer. Sizzle. The natural rhythm of life is filled with feel-good hormones which make the brain happy. This influences perceptions of desire, love, relationships—happiness, in general, all detailed in the pages of the summer issue of Brain World.

Brain World's summer issue asks some bewildering questions. For instance, when it comes to love how can chasing after the unpredictable be the least bit rewarding for the brain? And Professor Semir Zeki asks whether there is a place in the brain where beauty lights up and how the experience of beauty is connected with desire and love? So much sensual enjoyment has to do with sight and smell. Neuroscientist Beatrice de Gelder is doing fascinating studies in the field of blind sight where people respond to visual stimuli that they do not consciously see.

With all this feeling good, the search for ways to live longer and better is constant. Ponce de Leon was not the only one looking for the Fountain of Youth. Countless expeditions from as far back as Alexander the Great have searched for a philosopher’s stone, universal panaceas, and elixirs of life all promising eternal youth...immortality. Brain World's summer issue is on the case.

Discover the magic of the telomere, those end-parts of chromosomes that serve as protective caps for preserving genetic information. Keeping telomeres long has something to do with lengthening life and this issue of Brain World Magazine explains how.

Dying is inevitable...or is it? Brain World Magazine brings you Taoist Masters called Tigresses and Dragons and modern day healers like Baba Dez who see sexuality as a powerful life-force energy to be used as a method for broadening consciousness and becoming one with the cosmos.

Inhabiting a physical body has its ups and downs but cultivating earth-citizen awareness fosters happy, healthy and peaceful participation in the human community on planet earth. There's also Jane Fonda who at 75 remains an icon of agelessness and tells Brain World: “Get active, get involved and don’t dwell on what you can’t do, but dwell instead on what you can do!”

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