LeafFilter Gutter Protection Assists Homeowners in Battle Against Cicada Invasion With Special Offer

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LeafFilter Gutter Guards provide homeowners the ability to keep overwhelming number of cicadas out of gutters.

LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection

LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection assists homeowners in Cicada invasion of 2013.

Homeowners already have enough to deal with moving toward the first day of summer. Some are finishing spring cleanup, while others are continuing lawn maintenance and finishing massive home improvement projects. Unfortunately, Americans will have another annoyance to overcome in coming weeks: The Cicada Invasion.

Memorial Day will definitely take on a new look this year in some areas, as cicadas will overrun the holiday BBQs and get-togethers. The geographic area spanning as far north as Connecticut and as far south as the Carolinas will have to experience the worst of Brood II, as billions of cicadas emerge from the ground for their 17-year pilgrimage.

Other than an aggravation, the cicadas really aren’t dangerous at all, as they don’t bite or sting. They’re here to reproduce and nothing more. Cicadas are just about the size of a paper clip, and yet still produce a loud, annoying call that can be heard even a mile away.

The majority of the eastern seaboard will face a serious issue over the coming weeks, as billions of cicadas will completely blanket the yard, covering the grass, bushes and trees. Making matters worse, the Brood might hang around deep into July, depending on the temperature. As the invasion nears closer and closer, homeowners throughout the Mid-Atlantic are being urged to take precautions and protect young trees and shrubs.

The female cicadas cut slits into the trees during the cycle, possibly causing damage to the shrubbery. The cycle could conceivably add more tasks to the growing to-do list of yard cleanup chores as more brush, branches and leaves could fall from the trees and clog gutters. Homeowners have the ability to keep everything out of their gutters, including the bugs, with LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection’s $250 off coupon

Gutters can become clogged by just about anything and everything: Leaves, branches, moss, animals, bird’s nests, pests, and now, cicadas. Cleaning out gutters is a dirty and disgusting task to begin with, but the invasion of nearly a billion cicadas will only make cleaning clogged gutters even worse. During the invasion, hundreds of thousands of cicadas will be packed into roughly an acre’s worth of land.

LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection is helping consumers ensure that nothing but water will get into the gutter system with a special $250 off coupon. No leaves, no sticks, no dirt, no grit and no bugs all mean no clogs. It’s possible to have a defense against the brood filling gutters, as LeafFilter™ keeps everything but water out of the gutters.

American consumers have the ability to make life easier with LeafFilter’s $250 off cicada coupon. Spend Memorial Day and the 4th of July with family and friends and not up on the ladder, possibly cleaning hundreds of thousands of cicadas from clogged and disgusting gutters.

About LeafFilter North, Inc.
LeafFilter™ is the #1 rated gutter guard system by two leading consumer publications. LeafFilter’s design features a surgical-grade, stainless steel micromesh gutter protection system. The openings within the stainless steel micromesh are specifically sized so only water is channeled into the gutters. Nothing but water will ever enter a LeafFilter™ protected gutter; no leaves, no pine needles, no maple spinners, no shingle grit, nothing but water. LeafFilter™ North, Inc. has installed more than 10 million feet of gutter protection on homes throughout the United States. For more information about LeafFilter™ gutter guards, visit http://www.leaffilter.com or call (800) 290-6106.

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