EMP Protection, LLC Announces New EMP Shield That Protects Electronics from an Electromagnetic Pulse

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Launched on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding site, to raise capital for production.

The damage level could be sufficient to be catastrophic to the Nation, and our current vulnerability invites attack. - US EMP Commission's Report

EMP Protection, LLC announces the launch of a new project on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding site, to raise capital for the production of their first 500 EMP Shields.

EMP Shield is the creation of husband and wife entrepreneurs Michael and Robyn Ellan, who after learning about the potential threat of an EMP attack, found that although militaries and governments worldwide had begun shielding their critical electronics from this threat, there weren’t proven and affordable options for consumers.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation typically caused by a nuclear detonation or large solar storm that destroys electronics. The EMP Shield is an enclosure with an electrically conducive exterior and a non-conductive insulated interior lining. When electromagnetic interference hits the enclosure, the positive and negative charges are redistributed on opposite sides of its external surface. The re-distribution negates electrical charge within the enclosure, protecting electronics stored within it. This effect is often referred to as the “Faraday Effect,” named after the English scientist Michael Faraday, who discovered this phenomenon in 1836.

"Widespread functional collapse of the electric power system in the area affected by EMP is likely. The damage level could be sufficient to be catastrophic to the Nation, and our current vulnerability invites attack.” - US EMP Commission's Report to Congress (http://www.empcommission.org/)

An EMP causes voltage spikes that can damage, beyond repair, the majority of the electronics we depend on daily including communication systems, medical devices, computers, electronically fuel injected vehicles, even the transformers required to keep our national grid functioning.

“Directly after an EMP blast, items such as solar powered USB & battery chargers, two-way radios, laptops, tablets, pre-paid cell phones, handheld GPS devices and the like, which were protected from the EMP, will be vital to keeping your family safe during the estimated 2 year restoration process. The EMP Shield was built to protect these devices,” said Michael Ellan.

EMP Shield measures 12”x12”x12” and is constructed out of 14-gauge aluminum, providing excellent electromagnetic interference shielding. It is resistant to corrosive materials and rust, weighs less than 6lbs yet is strong enough to support the weight of a 300lb person. It is also affordable with a target price-point of $99, and is made entirely in the United States.

Because electromagnetic interference can slip through microscopic surface imperfections, the EMP Shield leverages a silicon rubber gasket infused with oriented wires that not only compensates for surface imperfections but also provides a near perfect conductive union between the lid and enclosure. This gasket material is used in military, industrial and commercial applications requiring EMI suppression, grounding and static discharge and allows current to flow freely around the Shield while also offering water resistance. Each EMP Shield will have a 4cm reinforced corrugated plastic liner to ensure that none of the objects stored inside the Shield touch the interior walls, ensuring they will not be affected by the current.

The Shield is scheduled for testing at a third party facility. It will be hit with double exponential waveform and direct current to simulate a large scale EMP delivered by both a coronal mass ejection (solar flare) or as a result of a nuclear detonation.

“People are already asking how and when they can get their hands on one. Kickstarter provides a platform we can leverage to tell others about the project while allowing them to play a key role in bringing the EMP Shield to market,” said Michael Ellan. “We have a team of great minds behind us including scientists, engineers, manufacturers who specialize in the production of shielding enclosures for the military, EMP testing professionals, in addition to other entrepreneurs who have already been successful using crowd sourcing to fund their projects.”

The EMP Shield project can be found at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michael-ellan/emp-shield-can-your-electronics-take-a-hit.

About EMP Protection, LLC
EMP Protection, LLC is a husband and wife start-up in Hatfield, PA. They are the creators of EMP Shield, an enclosure for protecting electronics from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). To support their project on Kickstarter and obtain your own EMP Shield, visit: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michael-ellan/emp-shield-can-your-electronics-take-a-hit.

For more information, visit: http://www.theempshield.com.

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