Ready for Love's Shandi Finnessey Talks Why She Wanted to be on the Show Before Seeing Ernesto's Video in an Exclusive interview on AfterBuzz TV

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Ready for Love's Shandi Finnessey made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Ready for Love aftershow Sunday night. While Finnessey won Ernesto's heart on the show, she talks about how she wanted to be a contestant before she knew he was one of the bachelors.

[Matt Hussey], he's just so pocket sized. He’s just this cute little British guy wrapped up to put in your pocket.

Ready for Love's Shandi Finnessey made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Ready for Love aftershow Sunday night. While Finnessey won Ernesto's heart on the show, she talks about how she wanted to be a contestant before she knew he was one of the bachelors. The former Miss USA and DWTS contestant also clarifies her “greased pig” comment about a fellow contestant and gives us the dirt on the other girls.

ABTV: Do you want to clarify your “greased pig” comment about Mandy?

SHANDI: “Yes! The editing is just so funny...One day, I was getting tweets from people like, 'you called Mandy a greased pig' and I’m like 'I never called Mandy a greased pig!' I went and I watched [the episode]. What had happened was...on the flight there, Mandy, just because she is so vivacious, she was like, ‘Oh my gosh I’m on a plane! Oh is that champagne!’ She was just really filled with excitement. I had made a statement in the private interview, in the confession, that it reminded me of back in 2002, I was in Missouri and I was at this local fair. I wrestled a greased pig in a pit of mud and it was this competition. It was this horribly crazy experience. But I said that [the situation] reminded me of that, because the second you would get a hold of Mandy, the greased pig, she would just slip right out of your hands again. Having a conversation with her, as soon as you thought you were having a conversation, she would buzz over somewhere else. But it was kind of edited as though I called her a greased pig. Yeah she wears pink, but that’s about as close that we can get to it.”

Shandi on Matt Hussey -

SHANDI: [Matt Hussey], he's just so pocket sized. He’s just this cute little British guy wrapped up to put in your pocket.

Shandi on Jenna being too young for Tim -

SHANDI: You know what’s funny about that is, [Jenna] is young, but she gave me some of the best advice in the house...She would have these insightful, deep moments where she was like this love guru.

Shandi on Alba walking away and then coming back -

SHANDI: Unless I misunderstood, it sounded like [Alba] wanted to walk away because it was hard for her to see him dating other girls. But it’s like, you’re on a dating show. You knew that you were going on a dating show...[Alba and I] were actually the closest in the house in the very beginning, the very day that we all meet each other...I thought that she looked really familiar but I couldn’t quite place it...When I saw her [while filming Ready for Love], I was like ‘Are you by any chance from Puerto Rico?’ It was just crazy that we were both in this situation together, so we became friends. But then something happened where we just weren’t anymore and I don’t know why. You just keep reminding yourself everyday why you’re there. And you’re there for the guy. You’re not there to make best friends or bridesmaids. You don’t want to create enemies, but you’re there and you put yourself there to find love.

SHANDI: I don’t think that people understand that being on a reality show, you literally hit PAUSE on your life. You are living in a home with no TV, no radio, no internet, no phones. Nothing, but two buck chuck. You want to get back to your own life. It’s literally taking a huge toll on your life of being away from your friends and your family and your job, and your dog.

ABTV: What was your reasoning for doing the show?

SHANDI: I had gotten out of a relationship a few months before, one that I thought was really going to progress into something and then a few things kind of blindsided me. Dating in LA is, I think, the hardest city to date in. I’ve lived in South Beach, Miami. I’ve lived in New York. And then I’ve lived here, and of course Missouri where I’m from. LA is the hardest place and it’s mostly because you see a guy with a flashy car and then he’s living in a dump and so in debt, and just putting up this front...One night I had gotten home from work and I was on my couch and I was watching TV, and I never used to go on Facebook, but I found myself [there] and I’m flipping through and I saw this girl who I had briefly known in my life and she posted something that said, ‘Maybe there’s love for me after all’. And it was this link to this show that they were starting to cast for called “The One”. This was before they changed the name to “Ready for Love.” I started reading it and it said this is a real life dating show. We’re really going to find you THE ONE that you’re looking for and we’re going to help with these three amazing matchmakers and something about it drew me in. Then I’m thinking, like really am I going to go on a dating show? I’d rather go on Survivor and eat bugs. Or even Fear Factor for that matter. So I sent my agent an email and said do you know anything about The One? The next day I’m at work and she emails me back and is like ‘oh yeah we’ll talk to them about you being a host for it,' and I wrote back and was like, ‘er, actually I want to go on it as maybe a contestant’. She didn’t write back, so I got home that night and I’m pacing and it’s just going through my head like something about it I want to go on. I poured myself a glass of wine and I’m sitting there with my glass looking at my computer and I was like “screw it, I’m doing it”. So I filled out the application and literally just hit send.

ABTV: Was this before or after you saw the video of Ernesto?

SHANDI: This was before. I hadn’t even seen him. They didn’t even have the guys picked out yet. For all I knew they were picking out one guy – one girl. I had no idea how it was going to run. I try to trust my gut and I trusted in my gut for everything that I went for with Miss USA...[the producers] started calling me and wanting me to come in and my agent was saying, ‘I can’t support you in this’. I had been incredibly blessed to had gone on Dancing with the Stars Season 4 and she was like, 'That’s the only reality show you can ever do.' She was really encouraging me to wait and maybe next season you could be the featured girl and get all these guys. And I know that if I was doing it for reasons of exposure, great! But I knew finding love would’ve been like finding a needle in a haystack.

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