Deemovello Productions Launches Explosive Debut Album and Book for Fresh-Faced Newcomer Deemo Monosson, Age 51

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Uniquely talented Deemo Monosson published his first novel and released his first album – along with his band Deemohaus – in the same week. For the self-proclaimed “Old Bull,” the ride is just beginning.

You'll never laugh so hard while being disgusted and offended at the same time.

Revenge of the Cheesesteak, a golf-humor-life novel and Life in Deemohaus, a superjam album of rock, blues, scat, classical and more, tread new ground in the literary and music worlds. The book and album are meant to be experienced together as the songs on the album relate to the characters and events in the book. Both can be found at

Revenge of the Cheesesteak, an absurdly hilarious story loosely-based on Deemo's annual boys' golf trip, is peppered with so many crazy characters, the author provides a scorecard at the beginning. Loaded with Deemo-speak (don't worry, you'll learn it) and symbolism, the views expound on life, religion, golf and people... and leave no one safe. "You'll never laugh so hard while being disgusted and offended at the same time" said Sal Novello, Demovello Partner.

The story revolves around the events leading up to the yearly Golf Gang War – a golf tournament among middle-aged friends. But what really drives the plot are the characters, many of them richly drawn caricatures, who thrive on making the mundane insane. Whether it's women, religion, golf, cliches, horse racing, onions(!) – these characters can rant about anything. They often say the things we want to say but don't because society dictates we shouldn't. And while they try to rip each other apart during competition on the golf course, in life, they support each other at every turn. This often leads to disaster (an all-out brawl at a casino) and uncomfortable situations (would you pee on a friend's head to save their life?). Though the end of the book crowns a Golf Gang War winner, the real lesson is in the value of friendship.

Life in Deemohaus journeys across musical genres with something for everyone: classic and modern rock, ballads, synth instrumental, pop, classical, scat, blues and for those getting married – there's even a wedding march. Each song tells a story. Some standouts: the infectious pop song “Frankie Dee,” the haunting sweet melancholy of “Awake,” the driving rock (and political statement) of “Hypocrisy” and the life parable ballad “Old Bulls on the Mountain.” Even the classical and synth instrumental versions speak through the music.

Many of the songs are composed by the band's pilot Deemo, whose creative brilliance in both lyrics and melody (along with an impressive musical range) are further showcased as the band's keyboardist and synth man. On triple-duty – vocals, guitar and songwriting – is the saintly genius, Sal Novello, often considered the group's guiding light. Sal's pieces can both evoke a style and class to match his velvety Sinatra-like voice and allow him to let loose his inner rocker, all the while revealing the man plays a mean guitar. Sharing lead vocals with Sal is the baby sitter-of-the-flock Linn DeMilta, who can be dreamily angelic yet rock out like Alanis Morissette (By day, Linn is an angel to a younger flock – she's a teacher). Rounding out the group: Eric Shaevitz, who wails on the drums, Sandy MacLeod, an Angry Scot who rips on bass, and classically-trained Lauren Hauser – exceptional on the viola and at keeping husband Deemo in line. Guest appearances feature the soulful baritone of Martin Langore, the good-time scat of John Larista, the storytelling-with-a-flair of Frankie Dee, and Joe Gioella, whose melodious and touching rendition of “Old Bulls on the Mountain” teaches us a life lesson.

While this group of “Old Bulls” swear they won't quit their day jobs, you'll wish they did.

About Deemohaus Nation
Deemohaus Nation is a product of Deemovello Productions, a newly formed and recently incorporated Musical and Art Production Company founded by Danny Monosson and Sal Novello, two life long friends. The first two projects produced by this new entity launched simultaneously in April 2013; The Revenge of the Cheese Steak, a golf-humor-life novel and Life In Deemohaus, the debut album by Deemohaus. Deemovello Productions is currently in the process of producing a second album for Deemohaus and soliciting and engaging other musical artists in the production of their music. To schedule an interview, extend an event invitation, see a schedule of upcoming events, request a review copy of the book or the latest CD, ask a question, make a statement, or learn more, visit

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