Concordia University, Nebraska Announces Graduates

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More than 450 undergraduate and graduate degrees were conferred at the university's 106th commencement ceremony

Concordia University, Nebraska, awarded 451 degrees to graduates during its 2013 commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 11.

Commencement speaker Dr. Douglas Tewes used Concordia’s theme Bible verse for 2012-13 -- “You are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of His household.” – to explain a Christian’s obligation to serve.

“I think that as citizens of God’s kingdom, we have responsibility in our citizenship here in America,” Tewes said. In addition to delivering the commencement address, Tewes also received the honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Concordia.

Six other individuals received honorary degrees and awards during commencement. Those receiving honors were Rev. James P. Brown, Sr., the Doctor of Letters degree, William Hartmann and Grace Mueller Hughey, the Crest of Christ award, Wilbert Rusch, the Master Educator award, and Thom and Joani Schultz, the Distinguished Service award.

Undergraduates earning degrees from Concordia were eligible for distinction or high distinction honors. Up to 10 percent of those who earned, at minimum, a 3.75 GPA graduated with high distinction. An additional 15 percent of those earning degrees with a minimum 3.5 GPA graduated with distinction.

Concordia University, Nebraska, founded in 1894, is a fully accredited, coeducational university located in Seward, Neb. that currently serves over 2,100 students. Concordia offers more than 50 professional and liberal arts programs in an excellent academic and Christ-centered community that equips men and women for lives of learning, service and leadership in the church and world. For more information, visit

Concordia University, Nebraska graduates earning their degrees in May 2013:
(Nebraska listed first, other states follow in alphabetical order)

Hilary Buoy, Ainsworth, Neb., M.Ed.
Samantha Lathrop, Arlington, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD
Trent Laune, Ashand, Neb., M.B.A.
Emily McAllister, Atkinson, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD
LeAnn Miller, Battle Creek, Neb., B.A., DCE
Brett Schuster, Beatrice, Neb., M.Ed.
Jordan Schultz, Beemer, Neb., B.A.
Thomas Malander, Belgrade, Neb., B.S.
Cory Scott, Belgrade, Neb., M.B.A.
Jenna Daggit, Bellevue, Neb., M.Ed.
Christine Holland, Bellevue, Neb., M.Ed.
Stacy Kobza, Bellevue, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Nancy Sivils, Bellevue, Neb., M.Ed.
Laurie Walker, Bellevue, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Heather Findell, Bennington, Neb., M.Ed.
Sarah Meier, Blair, Neb., M.Ed.
Ashley Luethje, Bradshaw, Neb., B.A.
Brent Houchin, Bruning, Neb., B.S.
Jodi Dickson, Carleton, Neb., M.Ed.
Meridee Heikes, Cedar Rapids, Neb., B.S.
Amy Burch, Ceresco, Neb., M.Ed.
Stacey Adamson, Cody, Neb., M.Ed.
Lindsay Anderson, Columbus, Neb., B.A.
Ashley Frese, Columbus, Neb., M.Ed.
Shannon Honold, Columbus, Neb., M.Ed.
Ashley Penne, Columbus, Neb., B.A.
Amanda Richards, Columbus, Neb., M.Ed.
Nicole Sempek, Columbus, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Angela Bruhn, Creston, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Takota Thiem, Crete, Neb., B.A., Pre-Seminary
Alison Mueller, Crofton, Neb., M.Ed.
Danielle Masur, David City, Neb., B.S., B.S.Ed.
Beth Kohmetscher, Deweese, Neb., B.S.
Christina Tomka, Dodge, Neb., B.S.
Amanda Stewart, Doniphan, Neb., M.Ed.
Wendy Boller, Dorchester, Neb., B.A.
Laura Pulliam, Dorchester, Neb., M.Ed.
Jeremiah Luber, Eagle, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Susan Vanis, Elgin, Neb., M.Ed.
Bryan Heidemann, Elk Creek, Neb., B.A.
Keith Ahlers, Elkhorn, Neb., M.Ed.
Adam Lambert, Elkhorn, Neb., M.Ed.
Nathan Ernstmeyer, Elwood, Neb., B.A.
Jordan Ahl, Fairbury, Neb., B.S.
Elizabeth Wiseman, Fairbury, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Linda Priefert Carroll, Fairmont, Neb., B.A.
Gina Kotas, Fort Calhoun, Neb., M.Ed.
Elizabeth Brewer, Fremont, Neb., M.Ed.
Morrow Longacre, Fremont, Neb., M.Ed.
Jill Pullen-Russman, Fremont, Neb., M.Ed.
Karissa Weinrich, Fremont, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD
Holly Saalfeld, Garland, Neb., B.S.
Melissa Myers, Geneva, Neb., M.Ed.
Cassey Schaefer, Gibbon, Neb., M.Ed.
Brandy Tacha, Gibbon, Neb., M.Ed.
Victoria Preitauer, Gothenburg, Neb., B.A.
William Bombeck, Grand Island, Neb., M.Ed.
Jennifer Carr, Grand Island, Neb., M.Ed.
Daniel Gibson, Grand Island, Neb., B.S., B.S.Ed., LTD
Beth Leech, Grand Island, Neb., M.Ed.
Timothy Leech, Grand Island, Neb., M.Ed.
Daria Pierorazio, Grand Island, Neb., M.Ed.
Sheila Quintana, Grand Island, Neb., M.Ed.
Rob Schmidt, Grand Island, Neb., B.A.
Ashley Suntych, Grand Island, Neb., M.Ed.
Julia Wood, Greeley, Neb., M.Ed.
Jaime Bizal, Gretna, Neb., M.Ed.
Amanda Clark, Hastings, Neb., M.Ed.
Sharon Shriver, Hastings, Neb., M.Ed.
Allie Kenning, Hebron, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Joshua Duncan, Hickman, Neb., B.A., B.F.A.
Amanda Emerson, Hickman, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Martin Riley, Hickman, Neb., M.Ed.
Kellie Fegter, Holdrege, Neb., B.S.
Jennifer Kurpgeweit, Kenesaw, Neb., M.Ed.
Lance Ott, Kennard, Neb., B.S., M.Ed.
Jody French, Lewellen, Neb., M.Ed.
Lori Arterburn, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.
Joseph Beran, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.
Kyleah Bowder, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Shawn Carr, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Christopher Cassel, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.
Joanne Catlett, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
John Chatwell, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Manuel Escamilla, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Nicolas Esser, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Ian Euler, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Laura Fugate, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Carlene Fuss, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Benjamin Haney, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Margaret Hobelman, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.
Megan Houlden, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Jordan Jacobsen, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.
Brent Johnson, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Samantha Karnes, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Mark King, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Amanda Kisker, Lincoln, Neb., B.A., B.S.
Tyler Kohmetscher, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Aaron Lane, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.
Ashleigh Lang-Petersen, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.
Robbie Lierman, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.
Briar McCoy, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.
Brandon McWilliams, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.
Craig Nannen, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD
Derek Neihardt, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Darren Parrott, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.
Chelsea Peck, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Alexandra Peters, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Shawn Podraza, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Nolan Schaefer, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Wendy Scharp, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.
Elizabeth Smith, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Mary Stahly, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.
Paige Suiter, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Michael Tewes, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
Alyssa Troester, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.
Mason Van Nostrand, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.
George Wagaman, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.
Dennis Wagner, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.
Mark Wentz, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Jeremy Wiemer, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.
Jennifer Rose, Louisville, Neb., M.Ed.
Megan Heiser, Lynch, Neb., B.S.
Porter Birtell, Madison, Neb., B.A.
Deborah Lewis, Malcolm, Neb., M.Ed.
Alyssa TeSelle, Milford, Neb., B.A.
Jordan Fowlkes, Newman Grove, Neb., B.A.
Bethany Osberg, Norfolk, Neb., B.A.
Diane Price, Norfolk, Neb., M.Ed.
Stacey Puett, Norfolk, Neb., M.Ed.
Megan Skalberg, Norfolk, Neb., M.Ed.
Preston Sunderman, Norfolk, Neb., B.S.Ed, LTD
Ashlee Brown, North Platte, Neb., B.S.
Makenzie Deutschman, North Platte, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD
Samantha Bainbridge, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Sarah Baird, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Mikayla Baker, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Debra Benes, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Amy Benson, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Erin Blaha, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Brian Boone, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Barbara Caples, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Rhiannon Christensen, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Lisa Clark, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Stephanie Cody-Goossen, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Daniel Coffey, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Amy Crowe, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Amy Dahmke, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Sarah Davenport, Iowa, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Tamika Davis-Gray, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Rommie Derry, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Penny Eastwood, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Kathleen Egan, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Laura Feller, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Amanda Flemmer, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Aretha Foye, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Sara Fredrickson, Omaha, Neb., B.F.A.
Nikki Frenche, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Jill Garrett, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Julie Gibson, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Ashley Girvan, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Staci Grant, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Vincent Gregorio, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Robert House, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Tiffany Howard, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Rachel Howe, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Michelle Ibarra, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Paige Jenkins, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Ashley Johnson, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Anne Keth, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Deborah Knutson, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Jason Koba, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Martin Kois, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Stephanie Kopecky, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Tracey Kovar, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Angela Lewis, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Darci Lewis, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Seth McClurkin, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Allison Mellick, Omaha, Neb., B.A.
Christopher Minardi, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Diann Moore, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Colin Morrissey, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Cecilia Neiman, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Christie Nielsen, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Steven Odom, Omaha, Neb., B.A.
Courtney Pfeifer, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Aiesha Rahn, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Kathleen Reed, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Michelle Rima, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Angela Royers, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Sommer Ruhland, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Stephanie Schmidt, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Irene Simonenko, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Susan Snow, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Maureen Soto, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Micaela Steele, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Jessica Strickland, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Michele Sweetmon, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Patricia Tello, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Shelita Thompson, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Pamela Trausch, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Meagan Tripp, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Traci Walter, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Dennise Washka, Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Wendy Weber, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Felicia Webster, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Emily Weston, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Suzanna White, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Katy Williams, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Cathy Wollman, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Jamie Woods, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Amanda Wright, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.
Seth Kalhoff, O'Neill, Neb., M.Ed.
Michelle Tomjack, O'Neill, Neb., M.Ed.
Paige Augustine, Osceola, Neb., B.A.
Benjamin Fisher, Overton, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD
Zackary Warner, Palmyra, Neb., B.A.
Brandy Komasincki, Papillion, Neb., M.Ed.
Claire McCalman, Papillion, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Cory Prelerson, Papillion, Neb., B.S.
Angela Whitfield, Papillion, Neb., M.Ed.
Vida Paustian, Plattsmouth, Neb., M.Ed.
Laura Jeppesen, Pleasant Dale, Neb., B.S., B.S.Ed., LTD
Derek Rodine, Polk, Neb., B.A.
Danielle Alderson, Randolph, Neb., M.Ed.
Clarissa Eloge, Rising City, Neb., M.Ed.
Jaime Selden, Rising City, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Jacquelyn McDermott, Scotia, Neb., M.Ed.
Richard Eber, Seward, Neb., M.Ed.
Beth Einspahr, Seward, Neb., M.Ed.
Philip Friedrich, Seward, Neb., B.S.
Anna Meyer, Seward, Neb., B.F.A., LTD
Judith Mullally, Seward, Neb., M.A.
Trevor Oliver, Seward, Neb., B.S.
Brandi Pflughaupt, Seward, Neb., M.Ed.
Micah Pomerenke, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD
Kyle Soflin, Seward, Neb., B.A.
Elizabeth Werner, Seward, Neb., M.Ed.
Bart Miller, South Sioux City, Neb., M.Ed.
Tonia Todd, South Sioux City, Neb., M.Ed.
Nicole Vance, South Sioux City, Neb., M.Ed.
Amber Hamik, St. Paul, Neb., M.Ed.
Brandon Starkey, St. Paul, Neb., B.S.
Joanna Roberts, Stanton, Neb., M.Ed.
Heather Niedfeldt, Stella, Neb., B.S.Ed., LTD
Juliane Miller, Superior, Neb., M.Ed.
Alexa Hopping, Sutherland, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Cara Debuhr, Tecumseh, Neb., M.Ed.
Duke Waln, Valentine, Neb., M.Ed.
Alex Callan, Wahoo, Neb., B.S.Ed.
Jena, Kaufman, Wakefield, Neb., M.Ed.
Michelle, Kelsey, Washington, Neb., M.Ed.
Kelli, Claassen, Waverly, Neb., B.F.A.
Margaret, Doane, Waverly, Neb., M.Ed.
Ballad, Hummel, Waverly, Neb., M.Ed.
Evan, Kucera, Waverly, Neb., B.S.
Daniel, Miller, West Point, Neb., B.A.
Sara Glasgow, Wilber, Neb., M.Ed.
Lori Peters, Wood River, Neb., M.Ed.
Dean Crawford, York, Neb., B.A.
Erienne TeSelle, York, Neb., B.S.

Belinda Dragg, Orrville, Ala., M.Ed.

Elizabeth Kelly, Palmer, Alaska, B.S.Ed., LTD

Chris Kosberg, Anthem, Ariz., B.S.Ed., LTD
Kyle Hoffman, Phoenix, Ariz., B.A.

DeLeon Dallas, Chula Vista, Calif., B.A.
Julian Silva, Covina, Calif., B.A.
Teresa Carlile, Fresno, Calif., M.Ed.
John Hunter III, Long Beach, Calif., B.A.
Carlos Bolanos, Montclair, Calif., B.A.
Matthew Wingert, Orange, Calif., B.A.
Akeem Christian-Starks, Santa Ana, Calif., B.S.

Christa Lindeman, Arvada, Colo., B.S.Ed., LTD, DCE
Mallory Hicks, Aurora, Colo., B.A.
William Vann, Castle Rock, Colo., B.S.Ed.
Dustin Atkinson, Colorado Springs, Colo., B.A., Pre-Seminary
Kristopher Bedwell, Colorado Springs, Colo., B.A.
James Jensen, Denver, Colo., B.A., B.Mus.
Rebecca Elmshauser, Englewood, Colo., M.Ed.
Brandon Pflug, Fort Morgan, Colo., B.S.Ed.
Erin Walth, Golden, Colo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Nicole Mapes, Greeley, Colo., B.S.
Nicholas Milberger, Highlands Ranch, Colo., B.S.
Krista Schafer, Holyoke, Colo., B.S.
Andrea Gaide, Lakewood, Colo., B.S.
Nicholas Thill, Littleton, Colo., B.S.
Emily Brandt, Loveland, Colo., B.A.
Tyler Shaw, Montrose, Colo., B.S.Ed.
Kristen Shavlik, Roxborough, Colo., B.S., B.Mus.
Kelsie Elder, Thornton, Colo., B.S.
Nicholas Hoffmann, Westminster, Colo., B.A., DCE

Janis Thiemann, Jacksonville, Fla., B.S.Ed., LTD
Nathan Sielk, Miami, Fla., B.S.Ed., LTD, DCE
Zachary Goodrich, Tampa, Fla., B.A.

Katie Worthington, Peachtree City, Ga., B.S.Ed., LTD

Jeana Kaio, Wai'ehu, Hawaii, B.S.Ed., LTD
Colten Quinabo, Wailuku, Hawaii, B.A.

Heather Kois, Boise, Idaho, B.S.Ed., LTD
Lindsey Kellerman, Mountain Home, Idaho, B.S.Ed., LTD

Joseph Gillespie, Arlington Heights, Ill., M.S.Family Life
Jeanette Hayden, Joliet, Ill., B.A.
Connie Kettner, Neunert, Ill., B.S.Ed., LTD
Dawn Martin, Rockford, Ill., B.S.Ed., LTD
Rachel Little, Sparta, Ill., B.A.
Cody Collier, Springfield, Ill., B.S.Ed., LTD
Stephanie Mueller, Wheaton, Ill., B.A., B.Mus., LTD

Heidi Wilkinson, Bloomington, Ind., B.S.
Kelly Thiessen, Columbus, Ind., B.S.Ed., LTD
Rachell Dewell, Fort Wayne, Ind., B.S.Ed., LTD
Allison Huston, Fort Wayne, Ind., M.Ed.
Katie Keily, Norman, Ind., B.A., B.S.Ed., LTD

Alicia Wosepka, Ackley, Iowa, B.A.
Stacey Holt, Auburn, Iowa, B.A., DCE
Jessica Olson, Carlisle, Iowa, B.A.
Claire White, Clarinda, Iowa, M.Ed.
Phillip Harm, Council Bluffs, Iowa, M.B.A.
Jessica King, Council Bluffs, Iowa, M.Ed.
Tami Kuenning, Council Bluffs, Iowa, B.S.Ed.
Mandy Sanders, Council Bluffs, Iowa, M.Ed.
Jacqueline Slade, Council Bluffs, Iowa, M.Ed.
Caleb Davison, Davenport, Iowa, B.A.
Stephen Henderson, Davenport, Iowa, M.S.Family Life
Lee Johanson, Davenport, Iowa, B.A.
Leslie Rudzinski, Davenport, Iowa, M.S.Family Life
Kathy Schneiderman, Davenport, Iowa, M.Ed.
Jordan Haroldson, Des Moines, Iowa, B.S.Ed., LTD
Ashley Willoughby, Fairfield, Iowa, B.S.Ed., LTD
Cole Egger, Galva, Iowa, B.A.
Lauriel Weekly, Glenwood, Iowa, M.Ed.
Katrina Schulteis, Greenfield, Iowa, B.F.A.
Rachel Iltis, Le Claire, Iowa, B.S.Ed., LTD
Kimberly Miller, Mason City, Iowa, B.S.
Brenda Dowthitt, Neola, Iowa, B.S.Ed.
Codi Kargle, Ogden, Iowa, B.A.
Sarah Mahnken, Schleswig, Iowa, B.A.
Courtney Cale, Sioux City, Iowa, B.S.Ed., LTD
Brian Friesner, Sioux City, Iowa, M.Ed.
Lark Rich, Sioux City, Iowa, M.Ed.
Serena Weber, Sioux City, Iowa, B.A.
Christina Roach, Spirit Lake, Iowa, B.S.
Daniel Klinge, State Center, Iowa, B.S.
Brooke Curtis, Treynor, Iowa, M.Ed.
Kayla Kightlinger, Urbandale, Iowa, B.S.Ed., LTD, DCE
Marilyn Shults, West Des Moines, Iowa, M.A., M.S.Family Life
Madison Phillips, Woodward, Iowa, B.S.
Kate Phillips, Woodward, Iowa, M.Ed.

Whitney Holle, Bremen, Kan., B.S.Ed., LTD
Logan Waggy, Cheney, Kan., B.S.Ed., LTD
Andrew Hatesohl, Clay, Kan., B.A., Pre-Seminary
Michael Voelker, Greenleaf, Kan., B.S.
Samuel Fishburn, Haven, Kan., B.S.Ed., LTD
AJ Ebersole, Hutchinson, Kan., B.S.Ed.
Angela Lore, Olathe, Kan., M.Ed.
Alexandria Szalawiga, Olathe, Kan., M.B.A.
Sara Schultz, Wamego, Kan., B.A., B.Mus.

Christopher Francik, Louisville, Ky., M.Ed.
William Cox, Paducah, Ky., B.S.Ed., LTD

Elizabeth Buss, Baton Rouge, La., B.S.Ed., LTD

Alexa Marquardt, Bel Air, Md., B.S.Ed., LTD

Katelyn Sievert, Frankenmuth, Mich., B.S.Ed., LTD
Joseph Weilnau, Monroe, Mich., B.S.
Ethan Hutton, Norton Shores, Mich., B.A.

Adam Strohschein, Annandale, Minn., B.S.
Kelsie Zellar, Eagle Lake, Minn., B.A.
Kathleen Bergt, Fairmont, Minn., B.A., B.S.Ed., LTD
Matthew Harwell, Glencoe, Minn., M.A., M.S.Family Life
Samantha Lafontaine, Hermantown, Minn., B.S.
Steven Whitney, Kenyon, Minn., B.A., DCE
Angela Harstad, Lewiston, Minn., B.S.Ed., LTD
Hayley Koeritz, Northrop, Minn., B.F.A.
Stacy Gaunt, Rochester, Minn., B.S.Ed.
Robert Bernard, Roseville, Minn., M.Ed.
Mark Meyer, Trimont, Minn., B.S.Ed., LTD
Joseph Brandenburg, Waconia, Minn., B.A.

Gloria Deas, Gulfport, Miss., M.Ed.

Jacob Hamilton, Higginsville, Mo., B.A., Pre-Seminary
Amanda Mayfield, Jackson, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Benjamin Skelton, Jackson, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Emma Gaither, Joplin, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Matthew Buchholz, Kansas City, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Travis Ferguson, Kansas City, Mo., B.A.
José Rodriguez III, Kansas City, Mo., B.A.
Andrew Lehenbauer, Lake Ozark, Mo., B.A., Pre-Seminary
Nathanael Steadman, Lake Ozark, Mo., B.A.
Alyssa Bauwens, Perryville, Mo., B.F.A.
Eric Fox, Smithville, Mo., B.S.
Elizabeth Salzberg, St. Charles, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Paul Fortmeyer, St. Joseph, Mo., B.S.
Rachel Weinhold, St. Joseph, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Charles Dunbar, St. Louis, Mo., B.A.
Carly Ebersole, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Rebecca McCracken, St. Louis, Mo., B.A.
Emily Metcalf, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Andrew Metcalf, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.
Brandon Metcalf, St. Louis, Mo., B.A., DCE
Sharie Moen, St. Louis, Mo., B.A.
Rachel Pfotenhauer, St. Louis, Mo., M.Ed.
Ryan Sanft, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.
Sarah Sprague, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.Ed., LTD
Jessica Williams, St. Louis, Mo., B.A.
Brittany Becker, St. Peters, Mo., B.F.A.
Daniel Chrismer, St. Peters, Mo., B.A.

Katelyn Butts, Kalispell, Mont., B.A., B.S.Ed., LTD

Rachael Oetting, Sparks, Nev., B.S.Ed., LTD

Rebekah Motley, Lancaster, Ohio, B.S.Ed.

Gregory Hintz, Broken Arrow, Okla., M.S.Family Life
Amy Perigo, Enid, Okla., M.Ed.

Levi Wiseman, La Grande, Ore., B.S.Ed., LTD
Miles Barrow, Portland, Ore., B.A.

Joel Heckmann, Canton, S.D., B.A., Pre-Seminary
Heath Broekemeier, Elk Point, S.D., B.A.
Rebecca Thaler, Lake Andes, S.D., M.Ed.
Austin Albers, Sioux Falls, S.D., B.S.Ed.
Katie Herther, Sioux Falls, S.D., B.S.Ed., LTD
Patrick Phelps, Black Hawk, S.D., B.A.

Alyssa Koch, Murfreesboro, Tenn., B.A.

Ryan Fiero, Austin, Texas, B.A.
Aaron Ritz, Dallas, Texas, B.S.
Raul Lopez, El Paso, Texas, B.A.
Aaron Gillory, Houston, Texas, B.S.
Brian Towner, Houston, Texas, B.A.
Jennifer Wachsmann, Houston, Texas, M.B.A.
Jamarcus Walker, Houston, Texas, B.A.
Julia Marble, New Braunfels, Texas, B.S.Ed., LTD
Mikaela Barz, San Antonio, Texas, B.A., DCE
Virginia Sullivan, San Antonio, Texas, M.Ed.
JohnDavid Zischke, San Antonio, Texas, B.A.
Kenneth Zoeller, Spring, Texas, B.A.

Stephen Kuske, Green Bay, Wis., B.S.Ed, LTD
Andrew Kowalewsky, Jackson, Wis., B.A.
Erin Hanna, Random Lake, Wis., B.F.A.
Amanda Schroeder, Stevens Point, Wis., B.A.
Peter Gonring, Whitefish, Wis., M.Ed.

Christopher Podlich, Brisbane, Australia, B.A.

Esther Johnson, Monrovia, Liberia, B.S.Ed., LTD

Karol Arguello, Managua, Nicaragua, B.S.

Jan Hudak, Vavrisovo, Slovakia, B.S.

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