Auto Insurance Scams Targeting Misinformed Consumers

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AIS Insurance Warns California Drivers About Common Auto Insurance Scams

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Auto Insurance Specialists, one of California's largest auto insurance agencies, is warning drivers in the Golden State to be wary of becoming a victim of auto insurance fraud. California is one of the top states in the nation in the amount of fraudulent auto insurance claims. But what's even more unfortunate is that auto insurance scam artists are targeting law-abiding drivers as part of their schemes to collect illegal insurance payouts.

Some of the most common auto insurance scams in California involve:

  •     a scam artist suddenly stopping in front of you for no reason, causing a rear-end collision (sometimes accompanied by an accomplice who positions his/her car next to the victim's to prevent evasive maneuvering)
  •     a scam artist "waving" a turning driver forward in an apparent signal to proceed with a turn, only to cause a collision and blame it on the other driver
  •     a scam artist causing a collision and having phony "witnesses" emerge and blame the innocent driver
  •     a scam artist jumping onto a moving car and claiming that its driver struck the pedestrian
  •     a scam artist offering to replace a victim's windshield under an insurance claim, who then proceeds to file additional phony claims on the victim's policy
  •     a scam artist driving a tow truck who encounters a disabled motorist and offers to help, but then submits an outlandish bill to the insurance company
  •     a scam artist who calls a victim and offers a great insurance quote, but then obtains sensitive personal information in order to commit identity fraud
  •     a scam artist who calls a victim and offers a great insurance quote, but then jacks up the rate after the victim signs up

Thankfully, there are several measures Californians can take to avoid being victimized by would-be auto insurance scams. They include:

  •     Being aware of cars that attempt to get you to tailgate, as you might be targeted for a collision.
  •     Always getting the contact and insurance information from other drivers and passengers if you are involved in a collision.
  •     Taking pictures or video after a collision of any damage, injuries, and any other relevant evidence.
  •     Notifying the police in order to get an official report of the accident.
  •     Never signing any insurance forms or waivers on the day of a collision.
  •     Being wary of unsolicited calls or emails from purported insurance agents, and never giving out personal information over the phone or in an email message.
  •     Never being afraid to check out the record or background of an agent or auto insurer.

AIS Insurance does business with dozens of auto insurers throughout California. All of these companies are reputable, trustworthy, and upstanding providers of auto insurance products and are in good standing with the state's insurance regulators. In addition, AIS uses its contacts and expertise to find the lowest possible rates for its drivers.

About AIS
Auto Insurance Specialists is an independently operated insurance agency that has been providing California auto insurance since 1968. The company operates 20 offices across the Golden State and is responsible for insuring more than 400,000 California drivers. CA Insurance License #0524784.

Auto Insurance Specialists, LLC


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