WhichVoIP.com Introduces Three New VoIP Tools for Businesses

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WhichVoIP offers three new tools to assist businesses looking for an effective telephony solution.

WhichVoIP.com, a leading informative online resource for VoIP technology (the ability to route your phone service over an internet connection), announced today that it has released three new online tools to assist small and midsize businesses in the often confusing process of selecting a new phone solution.

When selecting a new business phone service or replacing an old one, business decision-makers are moving more towards a VoIP solution rather than a traditional and more costly on-premise PBX that is tied to the public switched telephone network. The proliferation of providers, the wide variety of features available, and decisions between a purely cloud hosted model and an on premise IP PBX require significant due diligence on the part of the buyer. WhichVoIP is the first online resource to make vendor-neutral, online comparison tools available to help buyers begin that process.

“The answer is never as obvious as it may seem,” said Calum MacKinnon Managing Partner at WhichVoIP. “Best price has to be weighed against whether desired features are available from any given provider. While smaller businesses typically benefit more from a purely hosted model, larger companies may find an on premise IP PBX approach more cost effective.”

The VoIP Price Tool offers an excellent starting point, by generating a custom list of total “apples-to-apples” pricing from multiple providers. Users simply enter the number of phone lines required, and the Price Tool instantly delivers the total estimated cost, price per line, per month, and contract length. VoIP providers typically tier their pricing based on number of users, making it very difficult to perform a basic price comparison based on the actual number of lines required. The VoIP pricing tool solves this problem and removes the time sink of gathering data from multiple sources.

The VoIP Comparison Tool is particularly useful in determining which providers have the richest selection of features. Users select up to four services, and get an instant side-by-side comparison of almost 100 different features of each service. Common features are clearly outlined, including call logging, emergency assistance, voice-to-email, and more. Premium feature availability, such as call recording, virtual numbers, voicemail transcription, and pricing information is also included in the comparison.

Once features and prices have been researched, interested parties will likely want to research the quality of user experiences. WhichVoIP currently has a fast growing database of over 4,000 user-generated reviews that helps with this evaluation. The third tool, the Reviews Comparison, takes this one step further and allows users to compare the reviews for their selected providers in an easy to follow graphical display. In addition, this review comparison tool now enables direct comparison of specific ratings for features, sound quality, reliability, customer service and value for money.

“The greatest benefit of VoIP is also its greatest challenge,” said MacKinnon. “VoIP’s rich feature set means smaller businesses now have the same features available to them, which were once only available to larger companies. But finding the best solution, comparing prices and feature sets, and determining which combination is best for a given situation, require a detailed analysis. We created the VoIP pricing tool, VoIP comparison tool and the review comparison tool to aid those looking to add IP telephony solutions to their business, no matter the size or scope. These tools help bring it all together in one place for the user to save the valuable resource of time.”

WhichVoIP.com is a leading online resource for VoIP technology ranging from the enterprise consumer to the private buyer. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), utilizes much of the same technology that allows web services to transmit information across the Internet. VoIP technology enables various services such as internet-based voice calling, instant messaging applications and video calling, all of which can include large numbers of participants depending on the service utilized. Business requires the ability to instantly collaborate, so real time tools have become essential to maintain competitiveness in any markets.

About WhichVoIP
WhichVoIP.com is based in Seattle, Washington, and the company consists of experts in the VoIP and telecommunications field. The team members utilize their expertise and knowledge to help consumers understand VoIP technology, by providing information that allows consumers to make educated decisions that are appropriate to their needs.

Visit http://www.whichvoip.com/ for more information.

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