New iHeal Treatment Offered as Alternative to Pain Medication.

Dr. Steve Young is now helping New Jersey residents ditch their pain medications in exchange for a non-invasive, alternative treatment.

New Jersey (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Dr. Steve Young, DPT, CSCS recently launched his iHeal treatment program. iHeal services are designed to act as an alternative to pain medication or surgical treatment options. Dr. Young developed iHeal by mixing the ancient art of self-healing with scientific procedures to help promote a body’s response to pain in a non-invasive manner.

“iHeal really is a way for people suffering from pain or injuries to allow their bodies to self-recover. iHeal is perfect for people who don’t like taking potentially addictive pain killers,” said Dr. Young. “The iHeal website has already published testimonial videos. iHeal works great alongside any prescribed physical therapy program, too. The benefits are outstanding.”

iHeal is a great option for people seeking a medial alternative to what can be overkill medicine. “Sometimes the medical profession deems certain procedures as overkill. Often, surgery is a quick answer to a physical ailment that may be able to resolve on its own. iHeal is a natural nudge to help the body recover as organically as possible,” continued Dr. Young.

iHeal is about improving one’s ability to move, reduce pain, and eliminate the need for vigorous exercise or painful massages by using a complete and holistic technique. The iHeal Technique specialist identifies one’s imbalances by assessing 500 possible internal systems and then uses therapeutic manual techniques to unblock the imbalances identified.

Reporters are invited to try the iHeal Technique upon qualified story request.


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