Gossip Can Make You Fat Says BioGirl Health Show

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The cycles of destruction gossip can cause – both mental and physical – is the topic under discussion on one of the latest episodes of Carol Newman’s popular BioGirl Health Show. The show, which is aired every Friday at 1pm on Spreaker radio, has already amassed a large following in Carol’s hometown state of Michigan and beyond.

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There is a definite mind body connection between negative emotions and damaging effects on the body.

Carol, a long-time advocate for natural and healthy living, says gossip ie speaking ill of another individual, can cause a series of reactions in the body - similar to the flight or fight response invoked with stress.

“It’s all to do with the negative thought,” said Carol in a recent episode of her BioGirl Health Show. “Gossip involves putting a negative thought into your head which, in turn, sparks an immediate chemical reaction which manifests quicker than the effects of dangerous stimuli such as smoking, drinking alcohol or eating bad food.

“It’s been shown in studies time and again that there is a definite mind body connection between negative emotions and damaging effects on the body. And, unlike binging on a pail of chicken wings or beer, these damaging effects such as indigestion and a headache, don’t go away after 24 hours. Instead the effects tend to be more lingering such as insomnia or an impaired immune system.”

Carol goes on to state on her show that it’s this major stress state which leads to weight gain. That’s because elevated stress levels can cause the body to produce excess cortisol. And prolonged levels of cortisol in the blood stream can lead to increased abdominal fat.

Meanwhile stomach fat, she says, can have greater health ramifications than fat deposited elsewhere in the body, including strokes and heart complications.

In order to break the gossip cycle, Carol suggests it’s necessary to look at why we feel compelled to do it in the first place. She gives two reasons for this – social connection and a physical release of the brain chemical oxytocin. She concedes that connecting with others on a social and community level releases oxytocin, but says there are other, more positive, ways to get a fix of the brain chemical without resorting to gossip.

“The spirit of giving also stimulates your feel good hormones,” says Carol. “Consider, signing up to a charity site such as Shoes for Orphan Feet. It’s a lot less expensive and far healthier than the destructive effects of gossip.

“And just think about the consequences of your gossip. It’s stealing another person’s dignity and reputation. Remind yourself too that when your foot slips you can recover your balance but when your tongue slips you can’t take back those words.”

Carol provides a host of easy-to-follow nutrition, health and lifestyle tips which women can easily incorporate into their everyday lives in order to achieve optimum health. She also encourages them to learn ways in which they can embrace their true inner beauty.

To find out how to enjoy a healthier, natural life today see http://www.BioGirlHealth.com

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